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Related books
Feast, W. J. / Munro, H. S. / Richards, R. W. (eds.)
Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces II
ISBN 978-0-471-93456-1

Gendron, Michael S.
Business Intelligence Applied
Implementing an Effective Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure
ISBN 978-1-118-42308-0

McGee, Paul
How Not To Worry
The Remarkable Truth of How a Small Change Can Help You Stress Less and Enjoy Life More
ISBN 978-0-85708-286-2

FitzGerald, Jerry / Dennis, Alan / Durcikova, Alexandra
Business Data Communications and Networking
ISBN 978-1-118-89168-1

Kolpan, Steven / Smith, Brian H. / Weiss, Michael A.
Exploring Wine
The Culinary Institute of America's Guide to Wines of the World
ISBN 978-0-471-77063-3

Cuartielles Ruiz, David / Goransson, Andreas
Professional Android Wearables
ISBN 978-1-118-98685-1

Dávila, Jerry
Dictatorship in South America
ISBN 978-1-4051-9056-5

Butteriss, Margaret
Coaching Corporate MVPs
Challenging and Developing High-Potential Employees
ISBN 978-0-470-15312-3

Coutinho, Antonio / Kazatchkine, Michael D. (eds.)
Physiology and Disease
ISBN 978-0-471-59227-3

Tamime, A. Y. (ed.)
Probiotic Dairy Products
ISBN 978-1-4051-2124-8

List, P. H. / Schmidt, Carl Christian
Phytopharmaceutical Technology
ISBN 978-0-86344-003-8

Laws, Edward / Ezzat, Shereen / Asa, Sylvia / Rio, Linda (eds.)
Pituitary Disorders
Diagnosis and Management
ISBN 978-0-470-67201-3

Bygrave, William D. / Zacharakis, Andrew
ISBN 978-1-118-80523-7

Allen, James H.
Statik für Maschinenbauer für Dummies
ISBN 978-3-527-70761-4

Farrell, Joan M. / Reiss, Neele / Shaw, Ida A.
The Schema Therapy Clinician's Guide
A Complete Resource for Building and Delivering Individual, Group and Integrated Schema Mode Treatment Programs
ISBN 978-1-118-50918-0

Jiang, Shibin (ed.)
Advances in Glass and Optical Materials
Proceedings of the 107th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 2005, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 173
ISBN 978-1-57498-243-5

Emmerich, Wolfgang
Engineering Distributed Objects
ISBN 978-0-471-98657-7

Atkin, Brian / Brooks, Adrian
Total Facility Management
ISBN 978-1-118-65538-2

Glaize, Christian / Genies, Sylvie
Lead-Nickel Electrochemical Batteries
ISBN 978-1-84821-376-0

Behling, Laura L.
The Resource Handbook for Academic Deans
ISBN 978-1-118-72042-4

Merriam, Sharan B. / Bierema, Laura L.
Adult Learning
Linking Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-1-118-13057-5

Runde, Jörg / Tamberg, Thomas
Traumberuf Fußballprofi
Der harte Weg vom Bolzplatz in die Bundesliga
ISBN 978-3-527-50827-3

Matthew, Sidney L. (ed.)
The Wit & Wisdom of Bobby Jones
ISBN 978-1-932202-09-0

Woodside, Gayle / Kocurek, Dianna
Environmental, Safety, and Health Engineering
ISBN 978-0-471-10932-7

Gunelius, Susan
Content Marketing For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-00729-7




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