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Related books
Baly, Monica
Florence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy
ISBN 978-1-86156-044-5

Bapat, Sharmila A. (ed.)
Cancer Stem Cells
Identification and Targets
ISBN 978-0-470-12201-3

Missailidis, Sotiris (ed.)
The Cancer Clock
ISBN 978-0-470-06152-7

Hale, Tudor
Exercise Physiology
A Thematic Approach
ISBN 978-0-470-84683-4

Ghosh, Arun K. (ed.)
Aspartic Acid Proteases as Therapeutic Targets
ISBN 978-3-527-31811-7

Dorey, Grace
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction
ISBN 978-1-86156-365-1

Duggall, Harsh / Beaumont, Mandy / Jenkinson, Helen
Infection Control
A Handbook for Community Nurses
ISBN 978-1-86156-255-5

Grune, Tilman / Catalgol, Betul / Jung, Tobias / Uversky, Vladimir
Protein Oxidation and Aging
ISBN 978-0-470-87828-6

Adam, Sheila / Odell, Mandy / Welch, Jo
Rapid Assessment of the Acutely Ill Patient
ISBN 978-1-4051-6993-6

le May, Andrée (ed.)
Communities of Practice in Health and Social Care
ISBN 978-1-4051-6830-4

Moules, Tina / Ramsay, Joan
The Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing
ISBN 978-1-4051-7093-2

Kloc, Malgorzata / Kubiak, Jacek Z.
Xenopus Development
ISBN 978-1-118-49281-9

Bosworth-Bousfield, Chrissie
Burn Trauma
Management and Nursing Care
ISBN 978-1-86156-240-1

Brown, Sarah R. / Gregory, Walter M. / Twelves, Christopher J. / Brown, Julia M.
A Practical Guide to Designing Phase II Trials in Oncology
ISBN 978-1-118-57090-6

Lyons, Ian
Lecture Notes: Biomedical Science
ISBN 978-1-4051-5711-7

Torn, Alison / Greasley, Pete
Psychology for Nursing
ISBN 978-0-7456-7149-9

Kazmierski, Wieslaw M.
Antiviral Drugs
From Basic Discovery Through Clinical Trials
ISBN 978-0-470-45563-0

Dübel, Stefan / Reichert, Janice M. (eds.)
Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies
ISBN 978-3-527-32937-3

Francis, Caia
Respiratory Care
Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses
ISBN 978-1-4051-1717-3

Külpmann, Wolf Rüdiger (ed.)
Clinical Toxicological Analysis
Procedures, Results, Interpretation
ISBN 978-3-527-31890-2

Jenkins, Gail / Kemnitz, Christopher / Tortora, Gerard J.
Wiley Plus Stand-alone Premium to accompany Anatomy and Physiology
From Science to Life
ISBN 978-0-470-10113-1

Hemmings, Brian / Holder, Tim
Applied Sport Psychology
A Case-Based Approach
ISBN 978-0-470-72574-0

Bassett, Christopher
Qualitative Research in Health Care
ISBN 978-1-86156-440-5

Tortora, Gerard J. / Derrickson, Bryan H.
Introduction to the Human Body
ISBN 978-1-118-88413-3

Carr, Eloise / Layzell, Mandy / Christensen, Martin (eds.)
Advancing Nursing Practice in Pain Management
ISBN 978-1-4051-7699-6




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