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The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Materials Science and Technology 2005 Conference and Exhibition

1. Edition September 2010
212.- Euro
2010. Digital/Multimedia
ISBN 978-0-470-93153-0 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
The 2005 conference represents the first time that the four major materials organizations, ACerS (The American Ceramic Society), AIST (Association for Iron & Steel Technology), ASM International, and TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society), have co-sponsored an event of this scale.

The Materials Science & Technology '05 proceedings includes technical papers from a wide array of materials disciplines, from ceramics and advanced materials to processes and applications in steelmaking. The following symposia contributed proceedings papers to the CD:
* Affordable MMCs for High Performance Applications II
* Austenite Formation and Decomposition
* Modeling, Control, and Optimization in Nonferrous and Ferrous Industries
* Powder Materials: Current Research and Industrial Practices III
* Processing and Properties of Structural Nanomaterials
* Continuous Casting Fundamentals
* Engineered Steel Surfaces
* Modeling and Computer Applications in Metal Casting, Shaping, and Forming Processes
* Current Topics in Electronic Packaging: Pb Free Solders, Thermal Management
* Electromagnetics in Materials Processing
* The Physics and Materials Challenges for Integrated Optics--A Step in the Future for Photonic Devices
* Developments in Sheet Products for Automotive Applications
* Nanomaterials
* Application of Materials Science to Military Systems
* Automation & Control/Advanced OnLine Metallurgical Models/Sensors
* Coatings 2005
* Copper for the 21st Century
* Creep Deformation and Fracture, Design, and Life Extension
* Defect Formation, Detection, and Elimination During Casting, Welding, and Solidification
* Developments in Ferrous Long and Forged Products
* Environmental Degradation of Non-Metallic Materials
* Failure Analysis
* Ferrous Physical Metallurgy of Highly Alloyed Steels
* Fractures of Multicomponent Systems
* Heat Treating for the 21st Century: Vision 2020 and New Materials Development
* Integration of Theoretical, Computational and Experimental Studies of Interfaces and Microstructural Evolution
* Joining of Monolithic Structures and Components
* Material Lightweights or Ultralights
* Materials and Life Management Issues
* Materials for the Hydrogen Economy
* Modeling and Simulation of Titanium Technology: Theory and Practices
* Near-Net-Shape Technologies
* Process Heating/Reheating
* Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials XIV with Frontiers in Materials Science 2005: Innovative Materials & Manufacturing Techniques
* Residual Stress, Deformation, and Distortion
* Roll Technology
* Science and Technology of Powder Materials: Synthesis, Consolidation and Properties
* Springback in Sheet Metal Forming Applications
* What Makes a Good Materials Engineer and How Best to Educate Them



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