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Advincula, Rigoberto C. / Brittain, William J. / Caster, Kenneth C. / Rühe, Jürgen (eds.)
Polymer Brushes
Synthesis, Characterization, Applications

1. Edition July 2004
319.- Euro
2004. XVIII, 483 Pages, Hardcover
202 Fig., 6 Tab. 
- Practical Approach Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-31033-3 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Short description
Materials scientists, polymer chemists, surface physicists and materials engineers will find this book a complete and detailed treatise on the field of polymer brushes. It offers both introductory material on principles, synthetic pathways and different surface materials as well as specialized chapters. Large-scale and miniature applications of polymer brushes, e.g., functional or protective coatings, composite materials, surface engineered particles, metal-organic interfaces, biological applications, micro-patterning, colloids, nanoparticles, functional devices, and many more are presented.

From the contents
OVERVIEWPolymer Brushes: On the Way to Tailor-made Surfaces SYNTHESISRecent Advances in Polymer Brush SynthesisPolymer Brushes by Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationPolymer Brushes by ATRP Initiated from Macroiniator Synthesized on SurfaceSynthesis of Polypeptide BrushesBottle Brush Brushes: Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide from Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) SurfacesPreparation of Well-Defined Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanostructures Using Living Cationic Surface-Initiated Polymerization from Silica Nanoparticles.Photoinitiated Polymerization from Self-Assembled Monolayers.Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Rearrangement of Block Copolymer BrushesSurface-Grafted Hyperbranched PolymersCHARACTERIZATIONThe Analysis and Characterization of Polymer Brushes: from Flat surfaces to Nanoparticles.Characterization of Polymer Brushes on Nanoparticle SurfacesSpherical PolyelectrolytesWeak Polyelectrolyte Brushes - Complex Formation and Multilayer Built-up with Oppositely Charged PolyelectrolytesStructure and Properties of High-Density Polymer BrushesBehavior of surface-anchored poly(acrylic acid) brushes with grafting density gradients on solid surfacesKinetics of Polymer Brush Formation With and Without Segmental AdsorptionAPPLICATIONSApplications of Polymer Brushes and Other Surface-Attached PolymersPolymer Brushes: Towards ApplicationsPolymerization, Nanopatterning, and Characterization of Surface Confined, Stimul-Responsive Polymer BrushesMixed Polymer Brushes, Switching of Surface Behavior and Chemical Patterning at the NanoscaleLocal Chain Organization Of Switchable Binary Polymer Brushes in Selective SolventsMotion of Nano-objects Induced by a Switchable Polymer CarpetPhotochemical Strategies for the Preparation and Microstructuring of Densely Grafted Polymer Brushes on Planar Surfaces



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