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Kramer-Moore, Daniela / Moore, Michael
Destructive Myths in Family Therapy
How to Overcome Barriers to Communication by Seeing and Saying -- A Humanistic Perspective

1. Edition April 2012
46.90 Euro
2012. 216 Pages, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-66700-2 - John Wiley & Sons

Also available as Hardcover.

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Detailed description
Exposes destructive patterns of communication within familycultures and provides strategies for promoting more open dialogueamong family members.

* Equips family therapists to help clients see the barriers theyplace in the way of healthy communication, and adopt moreconstructive alternatives
* Provides activities designed to spark open dialogue betweentherapist and clients, strengthening the therapeutic relationshipand facilitating family interaction
* Includes communication strategies for reversing disengagement,defusing power struggles, overcoming sibling rivalry, disentanglingmarital problems and more
* Offers a new understanding of family dynamics, an area in whichmany family therapists want to improve their skills but havestruggled to find a text to guide them in doing so



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