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Zhang, Wei / Cue, Berkeley (eds.)
Green Techniques for Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

1. Edition June 2012
182.- Euro
2012. 768 Pages, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-71151-4 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
Boasting both environmental and economic benefits, green chemistry is becoming a high priority in modern organic synthesis and pharmaceutical R & D. This book fills a gap in the field, offering the only comprehensive treatment focused on green chemistry applications in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and drug discovery. It covers many innovative and new techniques, along with an assessment of the green chemistry aspects and limiting factors for each technique. Coverage also includes green concepts and catalysis, as well as case studies illustrating practical applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

From the contents
List of Contributors xix


1 Green Toxicology 3

Nicholas D. Anastas

References 22

2 Green Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical Industry 25

Amy S. Cannon, Joseph L. Pont and John C. Warner

References 31


3 Environmental Science and Green Chemistry; Guiding Environmentally Preferred

Manufacturing, Materials, and Products 35

Richard T. Williams and Travis R. Williams

Process Improvements 44

Relationships (QSARs) 51

References 64

4 Direct CH Bond Activation Reactions 69

Anna Tomin, Seema Bag and Bela TEURorEURok

References 87

5 Supported Asymmetric Organocatalysis 99

Long Zhang, Lingyun Cui, Sanzhong Luo and Jin-Pei Cheng

Acknowledgments 126

References 127

6 Fluorous Catalysis 137

Laszlo T. Mika and Istvan T. Horvath

References 177

7 Solid-Supported Catalysis 185

Michelle L. Richards and Peter J.H. Scott

References 210

8 Biocatalysis 217

Qi Wu and Junhua Tao

Acknowledgment 237

References 237


9 Green Solvents 243

Simon W. Breeden, James H. Clark, Duncan J. Macquarrie and James Sherwood

References 257

10 Organic Synthesis in Water 263

Marc-Olivier Simon and Chao-Jun Li

References 291

11 Solvent-Free Synthesis 297

James Mack and Sivaramakrishnan Muthukrishnan

References 318

12 Microwave Synthesis 325

Michael P. Pollastri and William G. Devine

References 341

13 Ultrasonic Reactions 343

Rodrigo Cella and Helio A. Stefani

References 359

14 Photochemical Synthesis 363

Stefano Protti, Maurizio Fagnoni and Angelo Albini

Acknowledgment 388

References 388

15 Solid-Supported Organic Synthesis 393

Gorakh S. Yellol and Chung-Ming Sun

References 434

16 Fluorous Synthesis 443

Wei Zhang

waste solvent 444

References 465

17 Reactions in Ionic Liquids 469

Hui Wang, Xiaosi Zhou, Gabriela Gurau and Robin D. Rogers

References 490

18 Multicomponent Reactions 497

Yijun Huang, Ahmed Yazbak and Alexander DEURomling

References 518

19 Flow Chemistry 523

Frederic G. Buono, Michael A. Gonzalez and Jale MEURuslehiddinoglu

for accidents 535

Acknowledgment 544

References 545

20 Green Chemistry Strategies for Medicinal Chemists 551

Berkeley W. Cue Jr.

in the Pharmaceutical Industry 552

Medicinal Chemistry and Barriers to Rapid Uptake 553

Member Companies 554

References 567


21 The Business of Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry 573

Andrea Larson and Mark Meier

References 586

22 Preparative Chromatography 589

Kathleen Mihlbachler and Olivier Dapremont

impurity removal 605

References 610

23 Green Drug-Delivery Formulations 613

Scott B. McCray and David K. Lyon

References 628

24 Green Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Recent Case Studies 631

Ji Zhang and Berkeley W. Cue Jr

Metal-Free Enzymatic Process 632

Oxidation to Maximize the Output 639

and Utilization of Catalytic Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation 642

Phase-transfer Catalysis 652

References 657

25 Green Analytical Chemistry 659

Paul Ferguson, Mark Harding and Jennifer Young

Acknowledgments 682

References 682

26 Green Chemistry for Tropical Disease 685

Joseph M.D. Fortunak, David H. Brown Ripin and David S. Teager

References 698

27 Green Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry 701

Concepcion Jimenez- Gonzalez, Celia S. Ponder, Robert E. Hannah and James R. Hagan

References 712




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