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Wright, Elizabeth
Psychoanalytic Criticism
A Reappraisal

2. Edition August 1998
73.90 Euro
1998. 232 Pages, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-7456-1965-1 - John Wiley & Sons

Also available as Softcover.

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"In this new edition of her indispensable PsychoanalyticCriticism, Elizabeth Wright not only brings the story up todate by sketching the major developments of the last fifteen yearsbut prepares psychoanalysis and its readers for the centenary ofthe movement in the year 2000. Wright asks all the key questionsabout psychoanalysis as an instrument of cultural criticism,explores the whole range of schools and tendencies and isunfailingly alert and judicious in her own critical judgements. Herbook helps us to grasp the essential paradox of psychoanalysistoday: the more insistently it is exposed to attack, the moreprofound and provocative its central insights seem." MalcolmBowie, All Souls College, University of Oxford

"Elizabeth Wright's Psychoanalytic Criticism is the onlyplace I know where two vital discourses, psychoanalysis andliterary criticism, can achieve more than a passing acquaintancewith each other. Professor Wright's central concern, theproblematic relation of art to psychoanalysis, shapes theconfrontations she carefully stages between the various Freudianand post-Freudian theories and their literary-criticalcounterparts. The new chapters that include contemporary work byZizek, feminists, and the new Lacanians maintain this book ascrucially relevant." Juliet Flower MacCannell, The University ofCalifornia

"Psychoanalytic Criticism provided a judicious andindispensable guide to this often bewildering and complex field ofliterary studies ... This second and updated edition, therefore, isto be welcomed. Wright has not just reissued the book but has usedthe opportunity to take stock of the field and reappraise thecurrent state of play in psychoanalytic studies." PsychoanalyticStudies

'One cannot but admire its breadth and energy.'Psychoanalysis, Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory



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