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Diamond, Patrick / Kenny, Michael (eds.)
Reassessing New Labour
Market, State and Society under Blair and Brown
Political Quarterly Special Issues

1. Edition October 2011
26.90 Euro
2011. 220 Pages, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-4443-5134-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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Short description
The Political Quarterly's Reassessing New Labour: Market, State and Society under Blair and Brown is an authoritative evaluation of the long-term legacy of New Labour. Since the election there have been numerous ideologically-inspired accounts of where it all went wrong; as yet there has been little insightful engagement with the complex history of New Labour. As a result key lessons have yet to be learned, and the central dilemma of whether the strategic assumptions that informed the centre-left's modernising project in the mid-1990s are relevant now, has not been confronted. This book aims to fill that void.

From the contents
Notes on Contributors

Preface: James Purnell

Introduction: Reviewing New Labour in Government: Progressive Dilemmas?: Patrick Diamond and Mike Kenny

Section 1
1. New Labour and Inequality: Paul Gregg
2. Solidarity Lost? Labour and the Politics of the Welfare State: Tim Horton
3. Reappraising New Labour's Political Economy: John Denham

Section 2
4. An Era of Constitutional Reform: Vernon Bogdanor
5. Rebuilding the Bonds of Trust and Confidence? Labour's Constitutional Reform Programme: John Curtice
6. New Labour and the Distribution of Power: Constitutional Reform, Human Rights and Civil Liberties: Francesca Klug
7. Localism under New Labour: Guy Lodge and Rick Muir

Section 3
8. Labour's Record on the Economy: Kitty Ussher
9. Labour and the Economy, 1997-2010: More than a Faustian Pact: Dan Corry
10. New Labour and the Politics of Ownership: Stuart White

Section 4
11. The Death of Class-based Politics: Peter Kellner
12. Back to Class: Lessons for the Labour Party: Alan Finlayson
13. Why did Labour's Public Sector Reforms Fail to Transform Communities?: Jessica Asato

Section 5
14. Shirley Williams in Conversation with Tony Wright
15. The New Labour Government's Place in History: Brian Brivati
16. Afterword: Future Directions for Labour: Patrick Diamond and Mike Kenny




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