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Nixdorf, Stefan
Technical Recommendations for Grandstands in Modern Stadia

1. Edition February 2008
94.90 Euro
2008. 368 Pages, Hardcover
695 Fig. (695 Colored Fig.)
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-3-433-01851-4 - Ernst und Sohn, Berlin

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Short description
This StadiumATLAS is a building-type planning guide for the construction of spectator stands in modern sports and event complexes. The principles of building regulations and the guidelines of important sports associations are analyzed and interrelated.

From the contents
A HISTORY OF STADIUM CONSTRUCTIONA brief historical survey of building typologies and definitions of termsPRELIMINARY PLANNINGA general overview of the measures to be taken in the run-up of constructing a sports and event venueORGANIZATION OF USEDetermination of user groups and safety aspects related to a sports complexAUDITORIUMA definiton of all planning parameters relevant for a grandstand structureVIP AREAS & CORPORATE HOSPITALITYDifferent concepts of hospitality and the special function of executive lounges and boxesSTADIUM CATERINGConcepts of culinary service for spectatorsMEDIA FACILITIESWorking areas and requirements of the media and pressPLAYERS' AREA AND CHANGING ROOMFacilities for players, referees and team officialsSTADIUM ADMINISTRATIONEssential functional rooms such as stadium control room and other ancillary roomsPLANNING PRINCIPLESA listing of essential regulations and recommendations for the construction of spectator facilitiesPRE-DIMENSIONING AND CIRCULATIONShedding light on the relationship between circulation systems and holding capacityTHE MODULOR "EN"The definiton of a typical stadium spectator as an anthropometric minimum standard and contractually binding reference size for the planning and construction of spectator standsPHYSIOLOGY OF VIEWINGAn evaluation of visual acuity, spatial perception and visual angle zones based on an examination of the human eyeLAYOUT TYPES AND UNDULATIONDefining geometrical families and explaining the geometrical context of ground plans and of inclination profiles for grandstandsPRINCIPLES OF SIGHTLINE CALCULATIONA methodical approach to determine optimized sightline profiles for places of congregationINCLINATION AND "POLYGONAL TRANSFORMATION"The optimization of viewing conditions by means of maximum slope and "polygonal transformation" of an eye-point curvePARAMETER STUDIESGeometrical relations between the sightline parameters eye-point height, tread width, C value and distance of the "first row"PLAYING FIELDSA summary of the major sports types and relevant dimensions as a means to determine the minimum distance of a grandstandSECURING OF THE PLAYING FIELDThe role of the "first row" and securing of the stadium interior toward the grandstandADAPTABLE STADIAStructural conversion of modern sports and event facilities in the light of multifunctional utilizationLIGHT AND ARCHITECTURELight orchestration and media-compatible floodlightning for event venuesNATURAL VERSUS ARTIFICIAL TURFShedding light on a question of faith and the current technological status of developments for the playing fieldTHE PLANNING OF SIGNIFICANT ROOF STRUCTURESAn overview of structural systems for fast orientationGRANDSTAND PROFILES OF BUILT EXAMPLESA comparison of the stadia for FIFA World Cup 2006 (TM)in GermanyFINAL EVALUATION AND COMPENDIUMAn assessment summary of the twelve German World Cup stadia and selected stadia in Korea/Japan, Portugal. Austria/Switzerland, South AfricaAPPENDIX



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