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Dalko, Peter I. (ed.)
Comprehensive Enantioselective Organocatalysis
Catalysts, Reactions, and Applications

1. Edition October 2013
450.- Euro
2013. XL, 1160 Pages, 3 Volumes, Hardcover
1420 Fig. (20 Colored Fig.), 60 Tab. 
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-33236-6 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim


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Short description
Written by pioneers of the field, this much-needed handbook reflects the developments of the past 5 years, comprehensively covering all relevant catalyst systems, as well as key strategies, reaction types, and important applications in total synthesis.

From the contents
VOLUME ONE - Privileged CatalystsPART I: AMINO ACID-DERIVED CATALYSTSProline-Related Secondary Amine Catalysts and ApplicationsTMS-Prolinol Catalyst in OrganocatalysisNon-Proline Amino Acid CatalystsChiral Imidazolidinone (MacMillan's Catalyst)Oligopeptides as Modular Organocatalytic ScaffoldsPART II: NON-AMINO ACID-DERIVED CATALYSTSCinchonas and CupreidinesChiral C2 CatalystsPlanar Chiral CatalystsDynamic Approaches towards Catalyst DiscoveryVOLUME TWO - ActivationsPART I: ASYMMETRIC CATALYSIS WITH NON-COVALENT INTERACTIONSBronsted AcidsBronsted Acids: Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysts in Asymmetric SynthesisBronsted Acids: Chiral (Thio)urea DerivativesBronsted BasesChiral Onium Salts (Phase-Transfer Reactions)Lewis BasesLewis AcidsPART II: ASYMMETRIC CATALYSIS WITH COVALENT INTERACTIONSRationalizing Reactivity and Selectivity in Aminocatalytic ReactionsCarbene CatalystsOxides and EpoxidesYlidesPART III: TUNING CATALYST ACTIVITY AND SELECTIVITY BY THE REACTION MEDIUM AND CONDITIONS"Non-Classical" Activation of Organocatalytic Reactions (Pressure, Microwave Irradiation)Ionic Liquid OrganocatalystsPolymer and Mesoporous Material Supported OrganocatalystsWater in Organocatalytic ReactionsVOLUME THREE - Reactions and ApplicationsPART I: ALPHA-ALKYLATION AND HETEROATOM FUNCTIONALIZATIONSN2-Type Alpha-Alkylation and Allylation ReactionsAlpha-Alkylation by SN1-Type ReactionsAlpha-Heteroatom Functionalization of Carbonyl CompoundsPART II: NUCLEOPHILE ADDITION TO C=X BONDSAldol and Mannich-Type ReactionsAdditions of Nitroalkyls and Sulfones to C=XHydrocyanation and Strecker ReactionsThe Morita-Baylis-Hillman (MBH) and Hetero-MBH ReactionsReduction of C=O and C=NPART III: NUCLEOPHILE ADDITION TO C=C BONDSAddition to Alpha, Beta-Unsaturated Aldehydes and KetonesAddition to Nitroolefins and Vinyl SulfonesOrganocatalyzed Asymmetric Arylation and Heteroarylation ReactionsPART IV: RING-FORMING REACTIONSIntramolecular ReactionsFormation of 3-, 4- and 5-Membered Cycles by Intermolecular ReactionsDiels-Alder and Hetero-Diels-Alder ReactionsPART V: INCREASING COMPLEXITYOrganocatalytic Radical and Electron Transfer ReactionsOrganocatalytic Sigmatropic ReactionsRegio- and Position Selective Reactions and DesymmetrizationsThree or More Components Reactions (Single Catalyst Systems)Multi-Catalyst SystemsOrganocatalysis in Total Synthesis



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