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Kimball, Ralph / Caserta, Joe
The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit
Practical Techniques for Extracting, Cleaning, Conforming, and Delivering Data
ISBN 978-0-7645-6757-5

Geng, Hwaiyu
Data Center Handbook
ISBN 978-1-118-43663-9

Johnson, Willis
Scripting SQL Management Objects in Windows PowerShell
ISBN 978-0-470-27935-9

Castelli, Vittorio / Bergman, Lawrence D. (eds.)
Image Databases
Search and Retrieval of Digital Imagery
ISBN 978-0-471-32116-3

Cabral, Sheeri K. / Murphy, Keith
MySQL Administrator's Bible
ISBN 978-0-470-41691-4

Shmueli, Galit / Bruce, Peter C. / Stephens, Mia L. / Patel, Nitin R.
Data Mining for Business Analytics
Concepts, Techniques, and Applications with JMP Pro
ISBN 978-1-118-87743-2

Hennig, Teresa / Clothier, Ben / Hepworth, George / Yudovich, Dagi (Doug)
Professional Access 2013 Programming
ISBN 978-1-118-53083-2

Microsoft Official Academic Course
Exam 98-364 MTA Database Administration Fundamentals
ISBN 978-1-118-02688-5

Silverston, Len
The Data Model Resource Book
A Library of Universal Data Models for All Enterprises, Volume 1
ISBN 978-0-471-38023-8

Ambler, Scott
Agile Database Techniques
Effective Strategies for the Agile Software Developer
ISBN 978-0-471-20283-7

Harinath, Sivakumar / Pihlgren, Ron / Lee, Denny Guang-Yeu
Professional Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint
ISBN 978-0-470-58737-9

Jorgensen, Adam / Wort, Steven / LoForte, Ross / Knight, Brian
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration
ISBN 978-1-118-10688-4

Liu, Henry H.
Software Performance and Scalability
A Quantitative Approach
ISBN 978-0-470-46253-9

Hennig, Teresa / Cooper, Rob / Griffith, Geoffrey L. / Dennison, Jerry
Access 2010 Programmer's Reference
ISBN 978-0-470-59166-6

Pick, James B.
GIS in the Digital Organization
ISBN 978-0-471-72998-3

Billard, Lynne / Diday, Edwin
Symbolic Data Analysis
Conceptual Statistics and Data Mining
ISBN 978-0-470-09016-9

Michalski, Ryszard S. / Bratko, Ivan / Kubat, Miroslav
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Methods and Applications
ISBN 978-0-471-97199-3

Hu, Xiaohua / Pan, Yi (eds.)
Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics
Techniques, Methods, and Applications
ISBN 978-0-471-77796-0

Hoberman, Steve
Data Modeler's Workbench
Tools and Techniques for Analysis and Design
ISBN 978-0-471-11175-7

Knight, Brian / Knight, Devin / Davis, Mike / Snyder, Wayne
Knight's Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Integration Services 24-Hour Trainer
ISBN 978-1-118-47958-2

Gillenson, Mark L. / Ponniah, Paulraj / Kriegel, Alex / Trukhnov, Boris M. / Taylor, Allen G. / Powell, Gavin / Miller, Frank
Wiley Pathways Introduction to Database Management
ISBN 978-0-470-46039-9

Harinath, Sivakumar / Pihlgren, Ronald / Lee, Denny Guang-Yeu / Sirmon, John / Bruckner, Robert M.
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services with MDX and DAX
ISBN 978-1-118-10110-0

English, Larry P.
Information Quality Applied
Best Practices for Improving Business Information, Processes and Systems
ISBN 978-0-470-13447-4

Stephens, Rod
Beginning Database Design Solutions
ISBN 978-0-470-38549-4

Sciore, Edward
Database Design and Implementation
ISBN 978-0-471-75716-0



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