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Roland, John R.
Human Biology Activities Kit
Ready-to-Use Lessons and Worksheets for General Science and Health
ISBN 978-0-7879-6662-1

Pennington, Hugh
Have Bacteria Won?
ISBN 978-0-7456-9079-7

Roa, Michael L.
Environmental Science Activities Kit
Ready-to-Use Lessons, Labs, and Worksheets for Grades 7-12
ISBN 978-0-470-23955-1

Johnson, LouAnne
Teaching Outside the Box
How to Grab Your Students By Their Brains
ISBN 978-1-119-08927-8

Hume, Helen D.
The Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Secondary Schools
Grades 7-12
ISBN 978-1-118-44703-1

McKnight, Katherine S.
Common Core Literacy for Math, Science, and Technical Subjects
Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge (Grades 6-12)
ISBN 978-1-118-71020-3

Cooke, Roger L.
The History of Mathematics
A Brief Course
ISBN 978-1-118-21756-6

Herr, Norman / Cunningham, James
Hands-On Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications
Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8-12
ISBN 978-0-87628-262-5

Flockhart, Dan
Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics
A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents, Grades 5 and Up
ISBN 978-0-7879-9443-3

Lieberman, Ann / Hanson, Susan / Gless, Janet
Mentoring Teachers
Navigating the Real-World Tensions
ISBN 978-0-470-87412-7

Feldman, Jean R.
Complete Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities for Young Children
ISBN 978-0-87628-119-2

Berger, Robert E.
A Scientific Approach to Writing for Engineers and Scientists
ISBN 978-1-118-83252-3

Reed, Marnie / Levis, John
The Handbook of English Pronunciation
ISBN 978-1-118-31447-0

Walker, Pam / Wood, Elaine
The Science Teacher's Activity-A-Day, Grades 5-10
Over 180 Reproducible Pages of Quick, Fun Projects that Illustrate Basic Concepts
ISBN 978-0-470-40881-0

Thompson, Frances McBroom
Math Essentials, High School Level
Lessons and Activities for Test Preparation
ISBN 978-0-7879-6603-4

Fox, Jenifer / Hoffman, Whitney
The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists
ISBN 978-0-470-95239-9

Partin, Ronald L.
The Classroom Teacher's Survival Guide
Practical Strategies, Management Techniques and Reproducibles for New and Experienced Teachers
ISBN 978-0-470-45364-3

O'Leary, Michael L.
Revolutions of Geometry, Solutions Manual to Accompany Revolutions in Geometry
ISBN 978-0-470-16756-4

Wei, Li (ed.)
Applied Linguistics
ISBN 978-1-4051-9358-0

D'Amico, Joan / Gallaway, Kate
Differentiated Instruction for the Middle School Science Teacher
Activities and Strategies for an Inclusive Classroom
ISBN 978-0-7879-8467-0

Hummel, Kirsten M.
Introducing Second Language Acquisition
Perspectives and Practices
ISBN 978-0-470-65803-1

826 National
Don't Forget to Write for the Secondary Grades
50 Enthralling and Effective Writing Lessons (Ages 11 and Up)
ISBN 978-1-118-02432-4

Feldman, Jean R.
Ready-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children
ISBN 978-0-87628-886-3

Olshansky, Beth
The Power of Pictures
Creating Pathways to Literacy through Art, Grades K-6
ISBN 978-0-7879-9667-3

Leonard, I. E. / Lewis, J. E. / Liu, A. C. F. / Tokarsky, G. W.
Solutions Manual to Accompany Classical Geometry
Euclidean, Transformational, Inversive, and Projective
ISBN 978-1-118-90352-0



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