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Steger, Carsten / Ulrich, Markus / Wiedemann, Christian
Machine Vision Algorithms and Applications

1. Edition November 2007
62.90 Euro
2007. X, 360 Pages, Softcover
264 Fig., 5 Tab. 
- Textbook -
ISBN 978-3-527-40734-7 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin

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Short description
This book provides all details on theory and practical usage of machine vision algorithms.
Free software available with registration code.

From the contents
Image Acquisition
(illumination, lenses, cameras, frame grabbers, bus systems)
Machine Vision Algorithms
(Data structures, Image enhancement, image transformations, segemntation, feature extraction, morphology, template matching, stereo reconstruction, camera calibration, FFT, color, texture, etc.)
Machine Vision Applications
(application examples, descriptions on how to solve them with the methods discussed in the book, example code with HALCON - MVTec's premier machine vision software, possibly further exercises)



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