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Related books
Sutherland, Denise
Cryptic Crosswords For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-30521-8

Weintraub, Marty
Killer Facebook Ads
Master Cutting-Edge Facebook Advertising Techniques
ISBN 978-1-118-02251-1

Gillespie-Brown, Jon
So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?
How to decide if starting a business is really for you
ISBN 978-1-84112-803-0

Pickhardt, Carl
Surviving Your Child's Adolescence
How to Understand, and Even Enjoy, the Rocky Road to Independence
ISBN 978-1-118-22883-8

Thomas, Stephen Michael Peter
The Book that's Sweeping America!
Or Why I Love Business!
ISBN 978-0-471-17398-4

Bevelacqua, Joseph John
Basic Health Physics
Problems and Solutions
ISBN 978-3-527-40823-8

Euler, Christian D.
Porsche und Volkswagen
Zwei Konzerne, zwei Familien - eine Leidenschaft
ISBN 978-3-527-50523-4

Julnes, George (ed.)
Promoting Value in the Public Interest
Informing Policies for Judging Value in Evaluation: New Directions for Evaluation, Number 133
ISBN 978-1-118-30841-7

Crosby, Richard A. / DiClemente, Ralph J. / Salazar, Laura F. (eds.)
Research Methods in Health Promotion
ISBN 978-0-7879-7679-8

Holden, Jim
The Selling Fox
A Field Guide for Dynamic Sales Performance
ISBN 978-0-471-06180-9

Kouzes, James M. / Posner, Barry Z.
The Leadership Challenge Card, Side A
The Ten Commitments of Leadership, Side B: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
ISBN 978-0-470-55971-0

Gehani, R. Ray
Management of Technology and Operations
ISBN 978-0-471-17906-1

Sikorski, Elaine
Cooking to the Image
A Plating Handbook
ISBN 978-1-118-07597-5

Maczak, Antoni
Travel in Early Modern Europe
ISBN 978-0-7456-0840-2

McMillon, Bill
The Archaeology Handbook
A Field Manual and Resource Guide
ISBN 978-0-471-53051-0

Benslama, Malek / Boucenna, Mohamed Lamine / Batatia, Hadj
Ad Hoc Networks Telecommunications and Game Theory
ISBN 978-1-84821-774-4

Lipman, Frederick D.
Valuing Your Business
Strategies to Maximize the Sale Price
ISBN 978-0-471-71454-5

Chingos, Peter T. (ed.)
Responsible Executive Compensation for a New Era of Accountability
ISBN 978-0-471-47431-9

Haugstad, Greg
Atomic Force Microscopy
Understanding Basic Modes and Advanced Applications
ISBN 978-0-470-63882-8

All About Lawns
ISBN 978-0-696-23683-9

Kingdom, John / Fairclough, Paul
Government and Politics in Britain
ISBN 978-0-7456-3889-8

Margolius, Ivan
Reflections of Prague
Journeys Through the 20th Century
ISBN 978-0-470-02219-1

Rothenberg, Molly Anne
The Excessive Subject
A New Theory of Social Change
ISBN 978-0-7456-4824-8

Advanced Life Support Group
Major Incident Medical Management and Support
The Practical Approach in the Hospital
ISBN 978-0-7279-1868-0

Rondal, Jean-Adolphe / Perera, Juan / Nadek, Lynn
Down Syndrome
A Review of Current Knowledge
ISBN 978-1-86156-062-9




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