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Gresho, P. M. / Sani, R. L.
Incompressible Flow and the Finite Element Method
Volume 1: Advection-Diffusion
ISBN 978-0-471-49249-8

Bazilevs, Yuri / Takizawa, Kenji / Tezduyar, Tayfun E.
Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction
Methods and Applications
ISBN 978-0-470-97877-1

Pert, G. J.
Introductory Fluid Mechanics for Physicists and Mathematicians
ISBN 978-1-119-94485-0

Aungier, Ronald H
Axial Flow Compressors
A Strategy for Aerodynamic Design and Analysis
ISBN 978-1-86058-422-0

Bernard, Peter S. / Wallace, James M.
Turbulent Flow
Analysis, Measurement, and Prediction
ISBN 978-0-471-33219-0

Ferguson, Colin R. / Kirkpatrick, Allan T.
Internal Combustion Engines
Applied Thermosciences
ISBN 978-1-118-53331-4

Childs, Dara
Turbomachinery Rotordynamics
Phenomena, Modeling, and Analysis
ISBN 978-0-471-53840-0

Rathakrishnan, Ethirajan
High Enthalpy Gas Dynamics
ISBN 978-1-118-82189-3

Sengupta, Tapan K.
Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics
ISBN 978-1-118-78759-5

Elger, Donald F. / Williams, Barbara C. / Crowe, Clayton T. / Roberson, John A.
Engineering Fluid Mechanics SI Version
ISBN 978-1-118-65271-8

Caltagirone, Jean-Paul
Discrete Mechanics
ISBN 978-1-84821-678-5

Li, Feng-Chen / Yu, Bo / Wei, Jin-Jia / Kawaguchi, Yasuo
Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives
ISBN 978-1-118-18107-2

Saatdjian, Estéban
Transport Phenomena
Equations and Numerical Solutions
ISBN 978-0-471-62230-7

Habashi, Wagdi G. (ed.)
Solution Techniques for Large-scale CFD Problems
ISBN 978-0-471-95810-9

Smith, E. / Vivian, B. E.
An Introductory Guide to Valve Selection
ISBN 978-0-85298-914-2

Prud'homme, Roger
Flows and Chemical Reactions in an Electromagnetic Field
ISBN 978-1-84821-786-7

Wen, Shizhu / Huang, Ping
Principles of Tribology
ISBN 978-1-118-06289-0

Lee, T. W.
Aerospace Propulsion
ISBN 978-1-118-30798-4

Young, Donald F. / Munson, Bruce R. / Okiishi, Theodore H. / Huebsch, Wade W.
Introduction To Fluid Mechanics
SI Version
ISBN 978-0-470-90215-8

Valasek, John
Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and Structures
ISBN 978-0-470-97286-1

Mahan, J. Robert
Radiation Heat Transfer
A Statistical Approach
ISBN 978-0-471-21270-6

Kontopoulou, Marianna (ed.)
Applied Polymer Rheology
Polymeric Fluids with Industrial Applications
ISBN 978-0-470-41670-9

Hirsch, Charles
Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows
Volume 2: Computational Methods for Inviscid and Viscous Flows
ISBN 978-0-471-92452-4

Shah, Ramesh K. / Sekulic, Dusan P.
Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design
ISBN 978-0-471-32171-2

IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Developments in Pressure Equipment
Where to Next?
ISBN 978-1-86058-478-7



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