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Singer, Dani / Hunter, Myra (eds.)
Assisted Human Reproduction
Psychological and Ethical Dilemmas

February 2003
71.90 Euro
2003. 248 Pages, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-86156-349-1 - John Wiley & Sons

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Detailed description
With contributions from: Eric Blyth, Ken Daniels, Julia Feast,Robert Lee, Nina Martin, Alexina McWhinnie, Derek Morgan, ClareMurray, Sharon Pettle, Claire Potter, Jim Richards and FrancoiseShenfield

The separation of procreation from conception has broadenednotions of parenthood and created novel dilemmas. A woman may carrya foetus derived from gametes neither or only one of which camefrom her or her partner; or she may carry a foetus created using invitro fertilisation (IVF) with the purpose of handing it to twoother parents one, neither or both of whom may be geneticallyrelated to the prospective child. Parents may consist of single-sexcouples, only one of them genetically related to the child; theprospective mother may be past her menopause; and geneticparenthood after death is now achievable. In a world increasinglyreliant on medical science, how can the argument that equatestraditional with natural and novel with unnatural/unethical bejustified? Should there be legislation, which is notoriously slowto change, in a field driven by dazzling new possibilities at everfaster rate; particularly when restrictions differ from country tocountry, so that those who can afford it travel elsewhere for theirtreatment of choice? Whose rights are paramount - the adults hopingto build a family or the prospective child(ren)s future well being?On what basis can apparently competing rights be regulated oradjudicated and how and to what extent can these be enforced inpractice?

From the contents

Foreword (Professor Susan Golombok).


Chapter 1: Assisted human reproduction: contemporary policyand practice in the UK (Eric Blyth, Nina Martin and ClairePotter).

Chapter 2: Issues of gamete donation and sex selection: aclinician's view (Francoise Shenfield).

Chapter 3: Ethical issues - the major faiths: a personalview (Jim Richards).

Chapter 4: Human reproduction and human rights (DerekMorgan and Robert G. Lee).

Chapter 5: Donor-assisted conception: what can we learnfrom adoption? (Julia Feast).

Chapter 6: Children raised in assisted human reproductionfamilies: the evidence (Clare Murray).

Chapter 7: Disclosure and development: 'taking the badyhome was just the beginning' (Alexina M. McWhinnie).

Chapter 8: Psychological therapy and counselling withindividuals and families afrter donor conception (Sharon A.Pettle).

Chapter 9: Policy development in third party reproduction: aninternational perspective (Ken Daniels).

Appendix: Resources.




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