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Thomas, Anthony W. / Weise, Wolfram
The Structure of the Nucleon

1. Edition March 2001
139.- Euro
2001. XIV, 289 Pages, Hardcover
94 Fig., 9 Tab. 
- Textbook -
ISBN 978-3-527-40297-7 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin

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Short description
As the only stable baryon the nucleon is of crucial importance in particle physics. After more than forty years of research on the nucleon, this book provides a unique overview on the practical studies, theoretical fundamentals, and the different models of the nucleon. A.W. Thomas (University of Adelaide, Australia) and W. Weise (Technical University of Munich, Germany), both outstanding in this field, give a unique synthesis of topics previously only covered in disparate works.

From the contents
IntroductionELECTROMAGNETIC STRUCTURE OF THE NUCLEONElastic Electron ScatteringElectromagnetic Form Factors of the NucleonNucleon ResonancesCompton ScatteringWEAK PROBES OF NUCLEON STRUCTUREMatrix Elements of the Weak CurrentsThe Axial Matrix Elements in Charged Current Neutrino ReactionsBeta-DecayMyon CaptureNear Threshold Pion ElectroproductionNeutral Current InteractionsDEEP-INELASTIC LEPTON SCATTERING ON THE NUCLEONThe Parton ModelScaling ViolationsSum RulesNeutrino Deep-Inelastic ScatteringExperimental Results for Unpolarised TargetsSpin Dependent Structure FunctionsQualitative Understanding of Parton DistributionsELEMENTS OF QCDBasic LagrangianFeynman RulesRenormalizationThe Renormalization GroupDeep Inelastic Scattering: Parton ModelDeep Inelastic Scattering within QCDASPECTS OF NON-PERTUBATIVE QCDSymmetries, Currents and AnomaliesStructure of the QCD Vacuum: Brief SurveyQCD Sum RulesLattice QCD and the NucleonCHIRAL SYMMETRY AND NUCLEON STRUCTUREChiral Effective Field TheoryBaryon Masses and Sigma TermsChiral Low Energy TheoremsSummary: The Pion Cloud of the NucleonMODELS OF THE NUCLEONSurveyNon-relativistic Quark ModelsSoliton ModelsBag ModelsChiral Quark ModelsChiral SolitonsFinal RemarksApp. A Notations and ConventionsApp. B Cross Sections for Lepton and Photon Nucleon Scattering



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