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Stock, Reinhard (ed.)
Encyclopedia of Applied High Energy and Particle Physics
Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

1. Edition August 2009
419.- Euro
2009. XII, 842 Pages, Hardcover
325 Fig. (103 Colored Fig.), 49 Tab. 
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-40691-3 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin


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Short description
Edited by the 1989 Leibniz prizewinner Reinhard Stock, known for his research on the early universe plasma state, this is the latest reference on this rapidly changing field and has been completely rewritten with new contributions on cosmological and astrophysical questions.

From the contents
1. Quantum Mechanics (J.Burgdörfer, S.Rotter)
2. Special Relativity (T.Takeuchi)
3. Strong Interaction (F.Karsch, W.Vogelsang)
4. The Standard Model of Elementary Particles (J.Erler)
5. Weak Interaction (K.-I.Hikasa)
6. Particle Physics (D.Green)
7. Applied String Theory (R.Schimmrigk)
8. Neutrino Astrophysics (W.C.Haxton)
9. Nuclear Structure (J.Jolie, J.P.Davidson)
10. Nuclear Reactions (C.A. Bertulani)
11. Radioactivity (W.Loveland)
12. Particle Impact Phenomena (N.Tolk, M.Albert, J.Gregory, A.Steigerwald, T.Wade)
13. Cyclotrons (G.H.Mackenzie, P.W.Schmor, H.R.Schneider)
14. Design and Application of Cyclotrons (R.A. Baartman, R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie)
15. Electrostatic Accelerators (D.C.Weisser)
16. Linear Accelerators (R.Jameson, J.Bisognano, P.Lapostolle)
17. Free Electron Lasers (C.Pellegrini, S.Reiche)
18. Synchrotons and Storage Rings (O.Boine-Frankenheim, H.Kobayakawa)
19. Storage Rings (J.Rohlf)
20. Targets for Particle Accelerators (B.Kindler, B.Lommel)
21. Calorimeters in Particle Physics (Ch.Fabjan)
22. Semiconductor Tracking (E.Heijne)
23. Tracking in Particle Detectors (D.Röhrich, A.Acevski, T.C.Meyer)
24. Gamma-Ray Spectrometers (A.M.Sandorfi)
25. Managing the Extreme Dataflow of LHC (N.Neufeld, D.Liko)



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