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Chen, Chuangtian / Sasaki, Takatamo / Li, Rukang / Wu, Yincheng / Lin, Zheshuai / Mori, Yusuke / Hu, Zhangui / Wang, Jiyang / Yoshimura, Masashi / Kaneda, Yushi
Nonlinear Optical Borate Crystals
Principles and Applications

1. Edition April 2012
139.- Euro
2012. XVIII, 388 Pages, Hardcover
150 Fig.
- Monograph -
ISBN 978-3-527-41009-5 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin


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Short description
From the discovery, growth, and structure, to optical properties and applications, this is a clear and self-contained review of the last four decades of research highlights in this hot field, particularly borate-based ultraviolet and deep-ultraviolet NLO crystals.

From the contents
PrefaceINTRODUCTIONHistory of the Theoretical Understanding for Nonlinear Optical CrystalsHistory of Development on Nonlinear Optical Borate CrystalsCrystal Growth of Nonlinear Borate Crystals and Current Status of ApplicationsTHEORETICAL BASIS TO DEVELOP BORATE NONLINEAR OPTICAL CRYSTALSBORATE NONLINEAR OPTICAL CRYSTALS FOR FREQUENCY CONVERSIONBBOLBO FamilyKBBF FamilyOther Borate CrystalsBorate Crystals in DevelopingAPPLICATIONSRapid Proto-TypingSemiconductor Industry- Bia-Hole Drilling- Annealing- Marking- InspectionBio-Medical Applications- Eye Surgery- Protein ProcessingAdvanced Instrument Making



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