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Christensen, Lars Lindberg / Fosbury, Robert / Hurt, Robert L.
Hidden Universe

1. Edition November 2008
29.90 Euro
2008. 146 Pages, Hardcover
82 Fig. (82 Colored Fig.)
- General Reading -
ISBN 978-3-527-40866-5 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin

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Short description
Adopting a popular style, this book shows the fundamental change in our perception of the universe by covering the full spectrum of light, emphasizing what humans cannot see. It makes comparisons with high-color images to reveal what is actually going on behind the veil

From the contents
Foreword by Riccardo Giacconi
1. Light and Vision
2. The View from the Ground
3. Space Observatories
4. The Visible Universe
5. The Infrared Universe
6. The Ultraviolet Universe
7. The Radio & Microwave Universe
8. The X-ray & High Energy Universe
9. The Multi-Wavelength Universe



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