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Sheldon, R. A. / Arends, Isabella / Hanefeld, Ulf
Green Chemistry and Catalysis

1. Edition February 2007
189.- Euro
2007. XIV, 434 Pages, Hardcover
476 Fig., 21 Tab. 
- Handbook/Reference Book -
ISBN 978-3-527-30715-9 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Sample Chapter

Short description
The first book to focus on catalytic processes from the viewpoint of green chemistry presents all the important aspects. Written by Roger A. Sheldon and his co-workers, the result is an indispensable source for scientists looking to improve catalysis in both college and industry.

From the contents
INTRODUCTION: GREEN CHEMISTRY AND CATALYSISE Factors and Atom EfficiencyThe Role of CatalysisThe Development of Organic SynthesisCatalysis by Solid Acids and BasesCatalytic ReductionCatalytic OxidationCatalytic C-C Bond FormationThe Question of Solvents: Alternative Reaction MediaBiocatalysisRenewable Raw Materials and White BiotechnologyEnantioselective CatalysisRisky ReagentsProcess Integration and Catalytic CascadesSOLID ACIDS AND BASES AS CATALYSTSSolid Acid CatalysisSolid Base CatalysisOther ApproachesCATALYTIC REDUCTIONSHeterogeneous Reduction CatalystsHomogeneous Reduction CatalystsBiocatalytic ReductionsCATALYTIC OXIDATIONSMechanisms of Metal-catalyzed OxidationsAlkenesAlkanes and AlkylaromaticsOxygen-containing CompoundsHeteroatom OxidationAsymmetric OxidationCATALYTIC CARBON-CARBON BOND FORMATIONEnzymes for Carbon-Carbon Bond FormationTransition Metal CatalysisHYDROLYSISHydrolysis of EstersHydrolysis of AmidesHydrolysis of NitrilesCATALYSIS IN NOVEL REACTION MEDIATwo Immiscible Organic SolventsAqueous Biphasic CatalysisFluorous Biphasic CatalysisSupercritical Carbon DioxideIonic LiquidsBiphasic Systems with Supercritical Carbon DioxideThermoregulated Biphasic CatalysisCHEMICALS FROM RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALSCarbohydratesChemical and Chemoenzymatic Transformations of Carbohydrates into Fine Chemicals and Chiral Building BlocksFats and OilsTerpenesRenewable Raw Materials as CatalystsGreen Polymers from Renewable Raw MaterialsPROCESS INTEGRATION AND CASCADE CATALYSISDynamic Kinetic Resolutions by Enzymes Coupled with Metal CatalystsCombination of Asymmetric Hydrogenation with Enzymatic HydrolysisCatalyst Recovery and RecyclingImmobilization of EnzymesEPILOGUE: FUTURE OUTLOOKGreen Chemistry: The Road to SustainabilityCatalysis and Green ChemistryThe Medium is the MessageMetabolic Engineering and Cascade Catalysis



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