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Taleff, Eric M. / Krajewski, Paul E. / Friedman, Peter A. / Mishra, Rajiv S. / Schroth, James C. (eds.)
Advances in Superplasticity and Superplastic Forming
Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Structural Materials Committee 2004
ISBN 978-0-87339-564-9

Schneiderman, Ron
Modern Standardization
Case Studies at the Crossroads of Technology, Economics, and Politics
ISBN 978-1-118-67859-6

Fine, L.
WP Stand Alone Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
ISBN 978-1-118-26740-0

Enghag, Per
Encyclopedia of the Elements
Technical Data - History - Processing - Applications with a Foreword by Bengt Nordén
ISBN 978-3-527-30666-4

Groutas, William C.
Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Selected Problems and Solutions
ISBN 978-0-471-28251-8

Horvitz, Leslie Alan
Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World
ISBN 978-0-471-40276-3

Elias, Hans-Georg
Volume 4: Applications of Polymers
ISBN 978-3-527-31175-0

Froböse, Gabriele / Froböse, Rolf
Lust und Liebe - alles nur Chemie?
ISBN 978-3-527-30823-1

Sheldrake, Alan L.
Handbook of Electrical Engineering
For Practitioners in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
ISBN 978-0-471-49631-1

Deák, Peter
Essenzielle Quantenmechanik
für Elektrotechniker und Informatiker
ISBN 978-3-527-41322-5

Newell, James A.
Essentials of Modern Materials Science and Engineering
ISBN 978-0-470-47112-8

Heines, M. Henry
First to File
Patents for Today's Scientist and Engineer
ISBN 978-1-118-83965-2

Seiffert, Ulrich / Wech, Lothar
Automotive Safety Handbook
ISBN 978-1-86058-346-9

Mazenko, Gene F.
Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
ISBN 978-3-527-40648-7

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
MS&T '10
Materials Science and Technology 2010 Conference and Exhibition
ISBN 978-1-118-34685-3

Hadfield, Mark / Wang, Ying (eds.)
Tribology in Environmental Design 2003
ISBN 978-1-86058-415-2

IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Compressors and Their Systems
2nd International Conference
ISBN 978-1-86058-417-6

Tryggvason, Gretar / Apelian, Diran
Shaping Our World
Engineering Education for the 21st Century
ISBN 978-0-470-92974-2

Spencer, James N. / Bodner, George M. / Rickard, Lyman H.
Structure and Dynamics, Wiley Plus/WebCT Premium
ISBN 978-0-470-11735-4

Gross, Michael
9 Millionen Fahrräder am Rande des Universums
Obskures aus Forschung und Wissenschaft
ISBN 978-3-527-32917-5

Parsons, Andrew F.
An Introduction to Free Radical Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-632-05292-9

Kiessling, Friedrich / Puschmann, Rainer / Schmieder, Axel / Schneider, Egid
Contact Lines for Electrical Railways
Planning - Design - Implementation - Maintenance
ISBN 978-3-89578-322-7

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
MS&T '11
Materials Science & Technology 2011 Conference & Exhibition, October 16-20, 2011, Columbus, Ohio
ISBN 978-1-118-30502-7

Galloway, T. J. (ed.)
Light Metals 2006, Volume 2, Aluminum Reduction Technology
ISBN 978-0-87339-616-5

Roesky, Herbert W. / Möckel, Klaus
Chemical Curiosities
Spectacular Experiments and Inspired Quotes
ISBN 978-3-527-29414-5




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