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Lassman, Peter


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The problem of value pluralism permeates modern politicalphilosophy. Its presence can be felt even when it is not explicitlythe central topic under investigation. Political thinkers such asMax Weber, Isaiah Berlin and Stuart Hampshire derive pessimistic,sometimes tragic, conclusions from their reflections uponpluralism. On the other hand, there is a more optimistic viewrepresented by John Rawls and Jürgen Habermas that sees valuepluralism as a problem that is easier to live with. This bookpresents the first accessible overview for both post- andundergraduate students of the way in which this problem has beenunderstood and responded to by modern political thinkers.

1. Pluralism
2. Pluralism and Pessimism
3. Reconciliation and Public Reason
4. Pluralism : Reconciliation and Disagreement
"A well-written book that engages readers with its dense argumentsand discussions."
Political Studies Review

"Written in an engaging and accessible style, Peter Lassman'sthoughtful and informed discussion of value pluralism does much toshed light on one of the most complex and practically pressingissues in political theory. The book will be invaluable forstudents, but specialists should also find it of considerableinterest."
John Horton, Keele University

"Peter Lassman has taken a major step forward in ourunderstanding of contemporary political theory. He seeks in thisbook to call pluralism into question, not to condemn it, but tounderstand to what we are committing ourselves when we endorsepluralism. The results are important for all of us: he shows thatconsequent to the phenomenon of value pluralism as politicaltheorists we are necessarily both spectator and participant in thepolitics of our times. One of the most insightful books about thepractice of political theory that I have read."
Tracy B. Strong, University of California San Diego

"With patience and care, Peter Lassman surveys the majorarguments about pluralism and value pluralism in modern politicaltheory. He is a sure-footed guide to the political dimensions ofthe work of Isaiah Berlin, Stuart Hampshire, John Rawls andJürgen Habermas, but also adds his own voice, inspired by MaxWeber, to these important debates."
Duncan Kelly, University of Cambridge

"Peter Lassman's book is an excellent guide to an increasinglyimportant debate. It introduces several different thinkers'approaches to pluralism and draws out the crucial implications thatthose appraches have for broader theoretical debates. It is a workthat will inform and inspire students of political theory for avery long time to come."
Marc Stears, University of Oxford
Peter Lassman is a Lecturer in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham.