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Bio-Principles, 1e WileyPLUS Learning Space Card



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ISBN: 978-1-118-90897-6
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Bio-Principles is a teaching and learning solution that offers quality content in a dynamic and engaging format, all in one place and at an affordable price.

Bio-Principles pairs Biology content with Wiley's revolutionary teaching and learning tool: WileyPLUS Learning Space. WileyPLUS Learning Space contains your course content organized within an online learning community. Students have the opportunity to engage with key content, their instructor and their classmates. It invites students to ask questions, share insights, and personalize study materials - so they can invest in their own unique learning experience.

Bio-Principles combines adaptive self-study activities with an interactive and collaborative new e-text that establishes a personalized learning path for each student. Individual progress feedback drives students to study and practice more effectively and to achieve mastery of the content and a deep conceptual understanding. In addition, a unique suite of customizable and collaboration features offers students a personal study journal of course notes and activities, and encourages peer-to-peer discussions surrounding the content.

Bio-Principles also provides a unique and personalized teaching experience for instructors, allowing them to easily customize and add their own material and engage students with pedagogies shown to enhance learning and retention. A sophisticated set of reporting and analytic tools provide greater insight into course activity and student progress.

* The Study of Life
* The Chemical Foundation of Life
* Biological Macromolecules
* Cell Structure
* Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes
* Metabolism
* Cellular Respiration
* Photosynthesis
* Cell Communication
* Cell Reproduction
* Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
* Mendel's Experiments and Heredity
* Modern Understandings of Inheritance
* DNA Structure and Function
* Genes and Proteins
* Gene Expression
* Biotechnology and Genomics
* Evolution and the Origin of Species
* The Evolution of Populations
* Phylogenies and the History of Life
* Viruses
* Prokaryotes: Bacteria and Archaea
* Protists
* Fungi
* Seedless Plants
* Seed Plants
* Introduction to Animal Diversity
* Invertebrates
* Vertebrates
* Plant Form and Physiology
* Soil and Plant Nutrition
* Plant Reproduction
* The Animal Body: Basic Form and Function
* Animal Nutrition and the Digestive System
* The Nervous System
* Sensory Systems and Movement
* The Endocrine System
* The Musculoskeletal System
* The Respiratory System
* The Circulatory System
* Osmotic Regulation and Excretion
* The Immune System
* Animal Reproduction and Development
* Ecology and the Biosphere
* Population and Community Ecology
* Ecosystems
* Conservation Biology and Biodiversity