John Wiley & Sons Threats to Homeland Security Cover Addresses threats to homeland security from terrorism and emergency management from natural disaster.. Product #: 978-1-119-25181-1 Regular price: $98.13 $98.13 Auf Lager

Threats to Homeland Security

Reassessing the All Hazards Perspective

Kilroy, Richard J.


2. Auflage April 2018
576 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-25181-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Addresses threats to homeland security from terrorism and emergency management from natural disasters

Threats to Homeland Security, Second Edition examines the foundations of today's security environment, from broader national security perspectives to specific homeland security interests and concerns. It covers what we protect, how we protect it, and what we protect it from. In addition, the book examines threats from both an international perspective (state vs non-state actors as well as kinds of threat capabilities--from cyber-terrorism to weapons of mass destruction) and from a national perspective (sources of domestic terrorism and future technological challenges, due to globalization and an increasingly interconnected world).

This new edition of Threats to Homeland Security updates previous chapters and provides new chapters focusing on new threats to homeland security today, such as the growing nexus between crime and terrorism, domestic and international intelligence collection, critical infrastructure and technology, and homeland security planning and resources--as well as the need to reassess the all-hazards dimension of homeland security from a resource and management perspective.
* Features new chapters on homeland security intelligence, crime and domestic terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, and resource management
* Provides a broader context for assessing threats to homeland security from the all-hazards perspective, to include terrorism and natural disasters
* Examines potential targets at home and abroad
* Includes a comprehensive overview of U.S. policy, strategy, and technologies for preventing and countering terrorism
* Includes self-assessment areas, key terms, summary questions, and application exercises. On-line content includes PPT lessons for each chapter and a solutions key for academic adopters

Threats to Homeland Security, Second Edition is an excellent introductory text on homeland security for educators, as well as a good source of training for professionals in a number of homeland security-related disciplines.

Richard J. Kilroy, Jr., is an Assistant Professor of Politics at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC where he teaches courses in Intelligence Operations, Intelligence Analysis, Terrorism and Political Violence, Security Management and Risk Assessment, Homeland Security, and U.S.-Latin American Relations in support of Information Systems Technology, Political Science, and Intelligence and National Security Studies degree programs. He spent 23 years in active duty as an Army Intelligence and Latin America Foreign Area Officer.