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White, Mimi / Schwoch, James (Hrsg.)
Questions of Method in Cultural Studies

1. Auflage Dezember 2005
115,- Euro
2005. 336 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-631-22977-3 - John Wiley & Sons

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Question of Method in Cultural Studies brings together a group of scholars from across the social sciences and humanities to consider one of the most vexing issues confronting the proverbial 'anti-discipline' of cultural studies.

* Covers such topics as the media, feminism, and politics

* Identifies what methods have prevailed in the interdisciplinary pursuit of cultural studies

* Examines the relationship between cultural studies and traditional disciplines, the politics of knowledge, and spatial and temporal models

* Probes the possibility of method in explicit terms for scholars and students in media, communications, sociology and allied fields.

Aus dem Inhalt
Notes on Contributors..


1. Introduction: The Questions of Method in Cultural Studies. (James Schwoch and Mimi White).


Part I: Space/Time/Objects.


2. From the Ordinary to the Concrete: Cultural Studies and the Politics of Scale. (Anna McCarthy)3. Raymond Williams' Culture and Society as Research Method. (John Durham Peters).

4. "Read thy self." Text, Audience, and Method in Cultural Studies. (John Hartley).


Part II: Production and Reception: The Politics of Knowledge.


5. Cultural Studies of Media Production: Critical Industrial Practice. (John Caldwell).

6. Feminism and the Politics of Method. (Joke Hermes).

7. Taking Audience Research into the Age of New Media: Old Problems and New Challenges. (Andrea Press and Sonia Livingstone).


Part III: Cultural Studies and Selected Disciplines: Anthropology, Sociology, Ethnomusicology, Popular Music Studies.


8. Mixed and Rigorous Cultural Studies Methodology--an Oxymoron? (Micaela di Leonardo).

9. Is Globalization Undermining the Sacred Principles of Modernity? (Pertti Alasuutari).

10. Engagement through Alienation: Parallels of Paradox in World Music and Tourism in Sarawak, Malaysia. (Gini Gorlinski)11. For the Record: Interdisciplinarity, Cultural Studies and the Search for Method in Popular Music Studies. (Tim Anderson).




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