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Watson, Ronald Ross (Hrsg.)
Eggs and Health Promotion

1. Auflage Februar 2002
142,- Euro
2002. 202 Seiten, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-8138-2798-8 - John Wiley & Sons

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Eggs and Health Promotion provides up-to-date research onthe use of eggs in human health. This single, convenient referencedeals with the role of eggs in diet, nutrition, and disease. Thebook also includes current scientific data on the use of eggs toproduce and deliver drugs, nutrients, and immunotherapies inpatients.

Written by well-known and highly respected scientists, this bookwill be of interest to health practitioners and scientists;pharmacologists; and commercial egg producers. Dispellingmisconceptions and covering significant recent advances in egg use,Eggs and Health Promotion makes an important contribution tothe literature on the role of eggs in human health, nutrition, anddisease treatment and prevention. Key chapters include the healthimplications and benefits of egg consumption, production ofantibodies in eggs for medical use, veterinary drug residues, eggsafety, and egg and health myths and misconceptions.

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Section 1. Functional Uses of Eggs.

1. Functional Uses of Eggs-An Overview. (W.J. Stadelman andHubert Schmieder).

2. The Role of Eggs in American Diets: Health Implications andBenefits. (Jean M. Kerver, Yikyung Park, Won O. Song).

3. Designer Eggs: Nutritional and Functional Significance.(Jeong S. Sim and Hoon H. Sunwoo).

4. Specialty Eggs: n-3 Fatty Acid-Enriched Eggs. (Elizabeth H.Sheppard).

5. Vitamin E Enrichment of Chicken Eggs. (Xeina Makhoul).

6. Reducing Infection in Infants with Egg Phospholipids.(Yingying Liu and Ronald Ross Watson).

7. Generation of Polyclonal Antibodies in the Egg Yolk. (MaxGassman).

Section 2. Cholesterol and Health: Role of Eggs.

8. Eggs, Plasma Cholesterol, and Heart Disease Risk. (Donald J.McNamara).

9. Eggs and Health: Myths and Misconceptions. ( Simin BolourchiVaghefi).

10. Effects of Dietary Eggs on Human Serum Cholesterol andCoronary Heart Disease. (Yinghond Chen and Ronald Ross Watson).

11. Eggs and Saturated Fats: Role in Atherosclerosis as Shown byAnimal Models. (Thomas A. Wilson and Robert J. Nicolosi).

12. Health Effects of Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA)-Enriched Eggs.(Jin Zhang and Ronald Ross Watson).

13. The Correlation between Cholesterol Oxidation Products andEggs. (Jennifer J. Ravia and Ronald Ross Watson).

Section 3. Eggs and Disease: Health Promotion.

14. Whole Eggs: The Magic Bullet? (H.L. "Sam"Queen).

15. Enriched Eggs for Human Consumption and the Feeding Patternof Layers. (Carola Garcia, Sergio Cornejo, and Cecilia Albala).

16. Predictability of Respiratory Atopy from EggHypersensitivity in Children. (Kelly Blackstock).

17. Effects of Cooking and Storage on the Nutritional Value ofEggs. ( Giorgio Bedogni and Nino Carlo Battistini).

18. The Potential Use of Eggs for the Protein Requirements ofEndurance Exercise. (Jaclyn Maurer).




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