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Bücher | TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving


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Gadd, Karen
TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving

1. Auflage März 2011
73,90 Euro
2011. 504 Seiten, Softcover
- Praktikerbuch -
ISBN 978-0-470-74188-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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Recognition and acceptance of TRIZ into mainstream engineering practice is growing fast, and it is estimated that in 5 years time it will have overtaken Six Sigma as a popular toolkit for innovative problem-solving. There is a need for a straightforward, simple and practical guide to understanding and implementing TRIZ, and with TRIZ for Engineers Karen Gadd draws upon her many years experience in teaching TRIZ effectively to achieve this. The book is illustrated throughout with cartoons commissioned by Gadd that illustrate the various concepts and techniques discussed and bring the theory to life.

Aus dem Inhalt
About the Author.

Foreword (Ric Parker of Rolls-Royce).


PART ONE: TRIZ Logic and the tools for innovation and clarity of thought.

1. TRIZ Tools for Creativity and Clever Solutions.

2. The TRIZ Knowledge Revolution to access all the world's known solutions.

Case Study: TRIZ in Rolls Royce.

3. Fundamentals of TRIZ Problem Solving.

4. Thinking in Time and Scale.

Case Study: ACENZ.

PART TWO: The Contradiction Toolkit.

5. Uncovering and Solving Contradictions.

Case Study: Measurement of Acoustic Emissions in a Flying Aircraft Wing.

Appendix - The 40 Principles: theory of inventive problem solving.

Contradiction Matrix.

PART THREE: Fast Thinking with the TRIZ Ideal Outcome.

6. Chapter 6: The Ideal Solves the Problem.

7. Chapter 7: Resources: the Fuel of Innovation.

8. Chapter 8: IDEAL and the Ideality Audit.

Case Study: Using TRIZ to help manage real world requirements.

PART FOUR: TRIZ, invention and Next Generation Systems.

9. Chapter 9: System Development and Trends Of Evolution.

10. Chapter 10: Inventing and TRIZ.

PART FIVE: TRIZ for System analysis and improvement.

11. Chapter 11: Function Analysis for System Understanding.

Case study: Pouch opening at Mars.

12. Chapter 12: Classic TRIZ ARIZ and Su-Fields.

Appendix: Traditional TRIZ 76 standard solutions.

PART SIX: How to problem Solve with TRIZ - the Problem Solving Maps.

13. How to problem Solve with TRIZ - Simple Algorithms for the TRIZ Toolkit.

Case study: New BAE Systems SRES.





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