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Wheeler, Daniel W.
Servant Leadership for Higher Education
Principles and Practices

1. Auflage Februar 2012
40,90 Euro
2012. 208 Seiten, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-118-00890-4 - John Wiley & Sons

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"Given the myriad of complex problems facing higher education,it is difficult to imagine that an administrator at any level ofthe institution could be effective without engaging in servantleadership. Higher education is a service industry and,consequently, this text is a must read for practicingadministrators who are committed to effective leadership."-Mary Lou Higgerson, Ph.D., vice president for AcademicAffairs and dean of the college, Baldwin-Wallace College

"Finally a thoughtful book on servant leadership with directapplication to higher education. Includes many strategies fordeveloping servant leadership in self, others, and organizations."-Dr. Gary L. Filan, executive director, Chair Academy

"With Servant Leadership for Higher Education Dan Wheeler bringsthe gauzy platitudes sometimes associated with servant leadershipdown to earth in a set of field-tested principles. I finished thebook fantasizing about how much better off our colleges anduniversities would be if our leaders behaved like this!"-JonWergin, professor of educational studies, Ph.D. in Leadership &Change Program, Antioch University

"This is a must read for anyone thinking about becoming anacademic leader. In the academy, it is not about command andcontrol-it's about serving your colleagues. Dan Wheeler's book'nails it' as nothing is more critical to leaders than success inserving their colleagues." -Walter Gmelch, dean and professor,School of Education, University of San Francisco

Foreword by Kent Keith CEO, Greenleaf Center for ServantLeadership

Aus dem Inhalt
Foreword ix
Kent M. Keith

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction 1

1 Unsuccessful Leadership Models 6

2 Servant Leadership: A Philosophy of Living 13

3 Servant Leadership Principles 26

4 Principle One: Service to Others Is the HighestPriority 34

5 Principle Two: Facilitate Meeting the Needs of Others48

6 Principle Three: Foster Problem Solving and TakingResponsibility at All Levels 63

7 Principle Four: Promote Emotional Healing in People andthe Organization 81

8 Principle Five: Means Are as Important as Ends 93

9 Principle Six: Keep One Eye on the Present and One onthe Future 102

10 Principle Seven: Embrace Paradoxes and Dilemmas114

11 Principle Eight: Leave a Legacy to Society 127

12 Principle Nine: Model Servant Leadership 141

13 Principle Ten: Develop More Servant Leaders 149

14 Care and Feeding of Servant Leaders 156

15 Some Common Questions (Myths) Regarding ServantLeadership 166

Epilogue 171

References 173

The Author 177

Index 179



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