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Humphrey, Judith
Speaking As a Leader
How to Lead Every Time You Speak...From Board Rooms to Meeting Rooms, From Town Halls to Phone Calls

Februar 2012
24,90 Euro
2012. 224 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-118-14101-4 - John Wiley & Sons

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Make every communication count--with a simple, four-stepspeaking modelWhether it's among colleagues at lunch or an audience of athousand, a leader's role is to move and inspire others. It's notonly the big occasions that test a leader's mettle, but the littleones as well--in a casual conversation in the elevator, inphone calls, or one of many incidental, seemingly "insignificant"interactions in everyday work life. Written by one of the world'sleading communications coaches, Speaking as a Leader showsyou how to make the most of your daily communications, creating apresence on the job as a genuine and constant leader.In this eye-opening guide, aspiring (and established) leaderscan enhance their reputations and influence by following a fewsimple steps. Speaking as a Leader:* Shows how to structure your thoughts and message in anysituation using a four-step model* Offers tips on listening effectively, in three dimensions* Details why you are the best visual and how to avoid "Death byPowerPoint"* Offers guidance on taking the "numb" out of numbers* Includes tips on moving from subject to messageWith Speaking as a Leader, you'll learn to tap into yourinnate leadership skills at every occasion--whether small orlarge--and earn the sort of respect that creates devotedfriends and passionate supporters.

Aus dem Inhalt
Preface ixIntroduction: Speaking as an Act of Leadership 1STEP 1: THINK LIKE A LEADER 9Chapter 1: Begin with Vision 11Chapter 2: Think beyond Hierarchies 17Chapter 3: Move from Information to Inspiration 27Chapter 4: Move from Negatives to Positives 35Chapter 5: Speak with Conviction 41Chapter 6: Listen, Listen, Listen 49Chapter 7: Commit to Communicating 59STEP 2: SCRIPT YOURSELF AS A LEADER 69Chapter 8: What Is a Leader's Script? 71Chapter 9: Open with a Grabber 77Chapter 10: State Your Subject 87Chapter 11: Lead with a Message 91Chapter 12: Develop a Persuasive Structure 101Chapter 13: Close with a Call to Action 113STEP 3: USE THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP 121Chapter 14: Speak with Clarity 123Chapter 15: Take the "Jar" out of Jargon 131Chapter 16: Be Conversational 137Chapter 17: Be Personal 145Chapter 18: Be Eloquent 153Chapter 19: Don't Be . . . Um . . . Tentative 161Chapter 20: Take the "Numb" out of Numbers 167Chapter 21: Jokes Are Not for Leaders 173STEP 4: ACHIEVE A LEADER'S PRESENCE 177Chapter 22: Bring Your Script to Life 179Chapter 23: You Are the Best Visual 187Chapter 24: The Eyes of a Leader 191Chapter 25: Suit the Action to the Word 203Chapter 26: Find Your Leader's Voice 215Conclusion: Always Leading, Always Influencing 225Endnotes 231Index 243



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