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Weitere Bücher
Branche, Jerome / Mullennix, John / Cohn, Ellen R. (eds.)
Diversity Across the Curriculum
A Guide for Faculty in Higher Education
ISBN 978-1-933371-28-3

Kureshi, Hussein / Hayat, Mohsin
Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance
A User's Guide to Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Capital Structures
ISBN 978-1-119-02056-1

Betbeder-Matibet, Jacques
Seismic Engineering
ISBN 978-1-84821-026-4

Boehler, J. P. (ed.)
Yielding, Damage, and Failure of Anisotropic Solids (EGF Publication 5)
ISBN 978-0-85298-735-3

Briggs, Steven
Criminology For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-39696-4

Jones, Simon / Beamish, Richard
Salmon Lice
ISBN 978-0-8138-1362-2

Rippe, James M.
Heart Disease For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-7645-4155-1

Dimmock, Nigel
Introduction to Modern Virology
ISBN 978-1-119-97810-7

Hughes, Bill
Samsung Galaxy S For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-02447-8

Bernstein, Peter L.
The Price of Prosperity
A Realistic Appraisal of the Future of Our National Economy (Peter L. Bernstein's Finance Classics)
ISBN 978-0-470-28757-6

Brock, Linda
Designing the Exterior Wall
An Architectural Guide to the Vertical Envelope
ISBN 978-0-471-45191-4

Camporesi, Piero
Exotic Brew
The Art of Living in the Age of Enlightenment
ISBN 978-0-7456-2197-5

Cook, John / Szwec, Jeanette
Day Trade Part-Time
ISBN 978-0-471-39310-8

Schwartz, Eli
Tropical Diseases in Travelers
ISBN 978-1-4051-8441-0

Kime, Linda Almgren / Clark, Judy / Michael, Beverly K.
Explorations in College Algebra, Student Solutions Manual
ISBN 978-0-470-54731-1

Moliterno, David J. / Kristensen, Steen Dalby / De Caterina, Raffaele (eds.)
Therapeutic Advances in Thrombosis
ISBN 978-1-4051-9625-3

Exposito, Ernesto / Diop, Codé
Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures
ISBN 978-1-84821-584-9

Sterling, Raymond L. / Carmody, John
Underground Space Design
Part 1: Overview of Subsurface Space Utilization Part 2: Design for People in Underground Facilities
ISBN 978-0-471-28548-9

Cann, Alan J.
Maths from Scratch for Biologists
ISBN 978-0-471-49834-6

Beer, Stafford
Brain of the Firm
ISBN 978-0-471-94839-1

Castells, Manuel
The Rise of the Network Society
The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture Volume I
ISBN 978-1-4051-9686-4

Lantis, Jeffrey S.
US Foreign Policy in Action
An Innovative Teaching Text
ISBN 978-1-4443-3100-4

Bieneck, Steffen / Oswald, Margit E. / Hupfeld-Heinemann, Jorg (eds.)
Social Psychology of Punishment of Crime
ISBN 978-0-470-51599-0

Begley, Tadhg P.
Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology
4 Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-471-75477-0

Etheridge, Denise
Excel Programming
Your visual blueprint for creating interactive spreadsheets
ISBN 978-0-470-59159-8




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