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Weitere Bücher
Principe, José C. / Euliano, Neil R. / Lefebvre, W. Curt
Neural and Adaptive Systems
Fundamentals through Simulations
ISBN 978-0-471-35167-2

PEP (Professional EngineeringPublishers)
Wheels and Axles
Cost Effective Engineering
ISBN 978-1-86058-320-9

Alexander, Ian / Beus-Dukic, Ljerka
Discovering Requirements
How to Specify Products and Services
ISBN 978-0-470-71240-5

Bresnan, Joan
Lexical-Functional Syntax
ISBN 978-0-631-20974-4

Sterling, Mary Jane
Grundlagen der Linearen Algebra für Dummies
ISBN 978-3-527-70620-4

Sundaram, S. K. / Spearing, Dane R. / Vienna, John D. (eds.)
Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries VIII
Proceedings of the symposium held at the 104th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 28-May1, 2002 in Missouri, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 143
ISBN 978-1-57498-159-9

Morton, Simon
The Presentation Lab
Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations
ISBN 978-1-118-68700-0

Arora, A. K. / Tata, B. V. R. (eds.)
Ordering and Phase Transitions in Charged Colloids
ISBN 978-0-471-18630-4

Fortey, Richard A. / Bruton, David L.
Fossils and Strata, Number 59, Lower Ordovician Trilobites of the Kirtonryggen Formation, Spitsbergen
ISBN 978-1-118-82539-6

Tichy, Noel M. / Devanna, Mary Anne
The Transformational Leader
The Key to Global Competitiveness
ISBN 978-0-471-12726-0

Hussey, David (ed.)
The Implementation Challenge
ISBN 978-0-471-96589-3

Cawthorn, Sam
Bounce Forward
How to Transform Crisis into Success
ISBN 978-1-118-64134-7

Walker, George E. / Golde, Chris M. / Jones, Laura / Conklin Bueschel, Andrea / Hutchings, Pat
The Formation of Scholars
Rethinking Doctoral Education for the Twenty-First Century
ISBN 978-0-470-19743-1

Lorenzo, Theresa / Duncan, Madeleine / Buchanan, Helen / Alsop, Auldeen (eds.)
Practice and Service Learning in Occupational Therapy
Enhancing Potential in Context
ISBN 978-0-470-01969-6

Burger, Edward B.
Extending the Frontiers of Mathematics
Inquiries into Proof and Augmentation
ISBN 978-0-470-41222-0

Jacob, Dieter / Sachs, Gottfried / Wagner, Siegfried (eds.)
Basic Research and Technologies for Two-Stage-to-Orbit Vehicles
Collaborative Research Centres
ISBN 978-3-527-27735-3

Guttenberger, Ralph
Punktlandung im Vertrieb
Wie Sie den Kunden zielsicher zum Abschluss führen
ISBN 978-3-527-50787-0

Dealey, Carol
The Care of Wounds
A Guide for Nurses
ISBN 978-1-4051-9569-0

Harvell, Ben
Home Automation For Dummies
ISBN 978-1-118-94926-9

Sherk, F. Arthur / McMullen, Peter / Thompson, Anthony C. / Weiss, Asia Ivic
Selected Writings of H.S.M. Coxeter
ISBN 978-0-471-01003-6

Rosenthal, Dorothy B.
Environmental Case Studies, Northeastern Region
ISBN 978-0-471-14258-4

Pleyers, Geoffrey
Becoming Actors in a Global Age
ISBN 978-0-7456-4676-3

Heins, John / Tilson, Whitney
The Art of Value Investing
How the World's Best Investors Beat the Market
ISBN 978-0-470-47977-3

Coalson, Nat
Lightroom 4
Streamlining Your Digital Photography Process
ISBN 978-1-118-20617-1

Lo, Clarence Y. H. / Schwartz, Michael (eds.)
Social Policy and the Conservative Agenda
ISBN 978-1-57718-120-0




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