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Weitere Bücher
Solomon, Edward I. / Lever, A. B. P.
Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy
Volume II. Applications and Case Studies
ISBN 978-0-471-97114-6

Hofmann, Philip
Einführung in die Festkörperphysik
ISBN 978-3-527-41226-6

Abd-El-Aziz, Alaa S. / Carraher, Charles E. / Pittman, Charles U. / Sheats, John E. / Zeldin, Martel
Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements
Volume 1: A Half-Century of Metal- and Metalloid-Containing Polymers
ISBN 978-0-471-45832-6

Pojman, John A. / Tran-Cong-Miyata, Qui (eds.)
Nonlinear Dynamics with Polymers
Fundamentals, Methods and Applications
ISBN 978-3-527-32529-0

Müller, Ulrich
Inorganic Structural Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-470-01865-1

Crepeau, Paul N. (ed.)
Light Metals 2003
ISBN 978-0-470-95293-1

Maruoka, Keiji (ed.)
Asymmetric Phase Transfer Catalysis
ISBN 978-3-527-31842-1

Karlin, Kenneth D. (ed.)
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry
Volume 58
ISBN 978-1-118-79282-7

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
Extraction and Processing Division 2005
ISBN 978-1-118-00198-1

Astruc, Didier
Electron Transfer and Radical Processes in Transition-Metal Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-471-18588-8

Zuckerman, J. J. / Hagen, A. P. (eds.)
Inorganic Reactions and Methods
19 Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-471-18653-3

Karlin, Kenneth D. (ed.)
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 43
ISBN 978-0-471-12336-1

Sammells, Anthony F. / Mundschau, Michael V. (eds.)
Nonporous Inorganic Membranes
for Chemical Processing
ISBN 978-3-527-31342-6

Callister, William D. / Rethwisch, David G.
Materialwissenschaften und Werkstofftechnik
Eine Einführung
ISBN 978-3-527-33007-2

Bakac, Andreja (ed.)
Physical Inorganic Chemistry
ISBN 978-0-470-58022-6

Mitzi, David (ed.)
Solution Processing of Inorganic Materials
ISBN 978-0-470-40665-6

Crabtree, Robert H.
The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals
ISBN 978-0-470-25762-3

Aaronson, Hubert I. (ed.)
Lectures on the Theory of Phase Transformations
ISBN 978-0-87339-476-5

Materials Science & Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition
ISBN 978-1-118-00045-8

Schwartz, Mel
Encyclopedia of Smart Materials
ISBN 978-0-471-17780-7

Thomas, Sabu
Handbook of Engineering and Speciality Thermoplastics
Volume 3: Polyethers and Polyesters
ISBN 978-0-470-63926-9

Basset, Jean -Marie / Psaro, Rinaldo / Roberto, Dominique / Ugo, Renato (eds.)
Modern Surface Organometallic Chemistry
ISBN 978-3-527-31972-5

Davenport, W. G. / Jones, D. M. / King, M. J. / Partelpoeg, E. H.
Flash Smelting
Analysis, Control and Optimization
ISBN 978-0-87339-577-9

Beckett, Mike / Platt, Andy
The Periodic Table at a Glance
ISBN 978-1-4051-3299-2

Nakamoto, Kazuo
Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic and Coordination Compounds
Part A and Part B: Two Volume Set
ISBN 978-0-471-74492-4




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