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Olney, Martha L.
Microeconomics as a Second Language

1. Auflage März 2009
45,90 Euro
2009. 176 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-43373-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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Microeconomics as a Second Language zeroes in on the concepts, assumptions, and models that business professionals need to learn. The focus is on the principles of microeconomics and the language used to express them. Each chapter begins with a list of the key terms and concepts, graphs, and equations covered. "TIP" notes are also included in each chapter to highlight tricks for remembering or common errors to avoid. "TRY" questions give readers the chance to test what they've learned, and the answers are included at the back of the book. Business professionals will quickly get up to speed on the basics with this concise resource.

Aus dem Inhalt
Chapter 1: Economics Tools - Math and Graphing
Chapter 2: Production Possibilities Frontier, Economic Growth, and Gains from Trade
Chapter 3: Demand and Supply
Chapter 4: Extensions of the Demand and Supply Model
Chapter 5: Consumer Theory
Chapter 6: Perfectly Competitive Firms
Chapter 7: Imperfect Competition
Chapter 8: Market Failure: Externalities and Public Goods
Chapter 9: Factor Markets



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