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Weitere Bücher
Takagi, Hideaki / Walke, Bernhard H. (eds.)
Spectrum Requirement Planning in Wireless Communications
Model and Methodology for IMT - Advanced
ISBN 978-0-470-98647-9

Behrman, Carol H.
Writing Skills Problem Solver
101 Ready-to-Use Writing Process Activities for Correcting the Most Common Errors
ISBN 978-0-13-060039-4

Turley, Paul / Wood, Dan
Beginning T-SQL with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008
ISBN 978-0-470-25703-6

Gary, Robert D. / Naegele, Jori Bloom
Protecting Your Pension For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-10213-8

Wang, Wallace
Beginning Programming For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-470-08870-8

Nilson, Linda B.
The Graphic Syllabus and the Outcomes Map
Communicating Your Course
ISBN 978-0-470-18085-3

Giddens, Anthony
Where Now for New Labour?
ISBN 978-0-7456-2991-9

Peate, Ian / Wild, Karen / Nair, Muralitharan (eds.)
Nursing Practice
Knowledge and Care
ISBN 978-1-118-48136-3

Ip, Greg
The Little Book of Economics
How the Economy Works in the Real World
ISBN 978-1-118-39157-0

Flockhart, Dan
Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics
Student Workbook
ISBN 978-0-7879-9447-1

Ness, Immanuel (ed.)
The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest
1500 to the Present
ISBN 978-1-4051-8464-9

Murphy, John A.
The Lifebelt
The Definitive Guide to Managing Customer Retention
ISBN 978-0-471-49818-6

Erling, Dan
A Systematic, Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time
ISBN 978-0-470-87898-9

Fortune, Joyce / Peters, Geoff
Information Systems
Achieving Success by Avoiding Failure
ISBN 978-0-470-86255-1

Janick, Jules (ed.)
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 37
ISBN 978-0-470-53716-9

Ravid, Katya / Freshney, R. Ian (eds.)
DNA Transfer to Cultured Cells
ISBN 978-0-471-16572-9

Ambrose, James / Tripeny, Patrick
Simplified Design of Steel Structures
ISBN 978-0-470-08631-5

Peck, Ralph B. / Hanson, Walter E. / Thornburn, Thomas H.
Foundation Engineering
ISBN 978-0-471-67585-3

Robinson, Arthur H. / Morrison, Joel L. / Muehrcke, Phillip C. / Kimerling, A. Jon / Guptill, Stephen C.
Elements of Cartography
ISBN 978-0-471-55579-7

Morales, Gil / Kacher, Chris
The O'Neil Disciples on Alternative Buying Techniques and Position Management
ISBN 978-1-118-64082-1

White, Barbara W. (ed.)
Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare
Volume 1: The Profession of Social Work
ISBN 978-0-471-76997-2

Levy, Susan / Lemma, Alessandra
The Perversion of Loss
ISBN 978-1-86156-433-7

Barreto, Hector
The Engine of America
The Secrets to Small Business Success From Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It!
ISBN 978-0-470-11013-3

The New York Public Library / Sutcliffe, Andrea
The New York Public Library Amazing U.S. Geography
A Book of Answers for Kids
ISBN 978-0-471-39294-1

de Rivera, Joseph / Páez, Darío
Emotional Climates, Human Security, and Cultures of Peace
ISBN 978-1-4051-7817-4




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