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Portable MBA
The College Portable MBA Set
ISBN 978-0-471-25541-3

Stein, Leslie
The Making of Modern Israel
ISBN 978-0-7456-4466-0

Humphreys, Melanie
Nursing the Cardiac Patient
ISBN 978-1-4051-8430-4

Stevenson, Nick
David Bowie
Fame, Sound and Vision
ISBN 978-0-7456-2940-7

Evans, Dason / Brown, Jo
How to Succeed at Medical School
An Essential Guide to Learning
ISBN 978-1-4051-5139-9

Chan, Ronald
Behind the Berkshire Hathaway Curtain
Lessons from Warren Buffett's Top Business Leaders
ISBN 978-1-119-06618-7

Marmel, Elaine
Microsoft Windows 8 Digital Classroom
A Complete Training Package
ISBN 978-1-118-39285-0

Narang, Rishi K.
Inside the Black Box
A Simple Guide to Quantitative and High Frequency Trading
ISBN 978-1-118-36241-9

Agarwal, Pragya / Skupin, Andre (eds.)
Self-Organising Maps
Applications in Geographic Information Science
ISBN 978-0-470-02167-5

Maughan, Ronald J. / Burke, Louise M. (eds.)
Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Sports Nutrition
ISBN 978-0-632-05814-3

Scott, John
Stratification and Power
Structures of Class, Status and Command
ISBN 978-0-7456-1042-9

Benhamou, Frédéric / Jussien, Narendra / O'Sullivan, Barry A. (eds.)
Trends in Constraint Programming
ISBN 978-1-905209-97-2

Little, Roderick J. A. / Rubin, Donald B.
Statistical Analysis with Missing Data
ISBN 978-0-471-18386-0

Paul, Clayton R.
Transmission Lines in Digital Systems for EMC Practitioners
ISBN 978-1-118-14399-5

Thomson, Michael
The Psychology of Dyslexia
A Handbook for Teachers with Case Studies
ISBN 978-0-470-69954-6

Chang, K. C.
Digital Design and Modeling with VHDL and Synthesis
ISBN 978-0-8186-7716-8

Fishkind, Russell J.
Probate Wars of the Rich and Famous
An Insider's Guide to Estate Planning and Probate Litigation
ISBN 978-0-470-58593-1

Iacobucci, Maria Stella
Reconfigurable Radio Systems
Network Architectures and Standards
ISBN 978-1-119-96930-3

Ellis, Charles D.
The Story of Long-Term Investment Excellence
ISBN 978-0-471-73587-8

Ricoeur, Paul
Being, Essence and Substance in Plato and Aristotle
ISBN 978-0-7456-6055-4

Wieviorka, Michel
ISBN 978-0-7456-5392-1

Ahn, Hee-Ran
Asymmetric Passive Components in Microwave Integrated Circuits
ISBN 978-0-471-73748-3

Pearn, Michael (ed.)
Individual Differences and Development in Organisations
ISBN 978-0-471-48540-7

Walker-Moffat, Wendy
The Other Side of the Asian American Success Story
ISBN 978-0-7879-0122-6

Wiley CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review 2014 and Online Intensive Review
Part 1, Financial Planning, Performance and Control
ISBN 978-1-118-81532-8




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