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Tracey, Norma
Parents of Premature Infants
Their Emotional World

Dezember 1999
97,90 Euro
1999. 326 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-86156-130-5 - John Wiley & Sons

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While medical science has made great progress in the area of neonatology, this is the first time that such an intense study has been made of the mother's and father's internal world during the first four months of their baby's life. It also explains the baby's situation and the effects on staff. Most important are the implications of handling the parents of premature infants in a way that will counter the trauma they have suffered and give their child a better start in life.

Aus dem Inhalt

Prematurity and the Dynamics of Pregnancy.

Prematurity and the Dynamics of Birth.

Mothers of Full-term Infants.

Fathers of Full-term Infants.

Narrative of a Mother of a Premature Infant.

The Premature Infant in the Mind of the Mother.

A Couple with a Premature Infant from an AttachmentPerspective.

A Snapshot - A Father's Reaction to Prematurity.

Narrative of a Father of a Premature Infant.

An Intergenerational Family Perspective.

A Migrant Couple with a Premature Infant.

Two Mothers without Mothers.

"That Big Glass Barrier": Exploring the Neonatal Intensive CareUnit .

"Whose baby is It?".

The Experience of Early Infancy for the Premature Infant.

Infants and their Families in the Neonatal Intensive CareUnit.

Social Work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Environment.

The Space between Life and Death.

The Trauma of Prematurity: The Impact on the Parents.



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