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Curren, Randall (Hrsg.)
A Companion to the Philosophy of Education
Blackwell Companions to Philosophy

1. Auflage Juli 2005
55,90 Euro
2005. 658 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-4051-4051-5 - John Wiley & Sons

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Education is acomprehensive guide to philosophical thinking about education.

* * Offers a state-of-the-art account of current and controversialissues in education, including issues pertaining tomulticulturalism, special education, sex education, and academicfreedom.

* Written by an international team of leading experts, who aredirectly engaged with these profound and complex educationalproblems.

* Serves as an indispensable guide to the field of philosophy ofeducation.

Aus dem Inhalt
Notes on Contributors ix

Preface xvi

Introduction 1
Randall Curren

Part I Historical and Contemporary Movements 5

1 The Socratic Movement 7
C. D. C. Reeve

2 Stoicism 25
Christopher Gill

3 The Judaic Tradition 33
Hanan A. Alexander and Shmuel Glick

4 The Educational Thought of Augustine 50
Gareth B. Matthews

5 Humanism 62
Craig Kallendorf

6 Enlightenment Liberalism 73
Amy M. Schmitter, Nathan Tarcov, and Wendy Donner

7 Rousseau, Dewey, and Democracy 94
Patrick Riley and Jennifer Welchman

8 Kant, Hegel, and the Rise of Pedagogical Science 113
G. Felicitas Munzel

9 Romanticism 130
Frederick C. Beiser

10 The Past as Future? Hellenism, the Gymnasium, and Altertumswissenschaft 143
Wolfgang Mann

11 Critical Theory 161
Douglas Kellner

12 The Analytical Movement 176
Randall Curren, Emily Robertson, and Paul Hager

13 Feminism 192
Jane Roland Martin

14 Postmodernism 206
David E. Cooper

Part II Teaching and Learning 219

15 The Nature and Purposes of Education 221
Paul Standish

16 Theories of Teaching and Learning 232
D. C. Phillips

17 The Capacity to Learn 246
Carol Wren and Thomas Wren

18 Motivation and Classroom Management 260
Richard Ryan and Martin Lynch

19 The Measurement of Learning 272
Andrew Davis

20 Knowledge, Truth, and Learning 285
Jonathan E. Adler

21 Cultivating Reason 305
Harvey Siegel

22 Moral Education 320
Graham Haydon

23 Religious Education 332
Gabriel Moran

24 Teaching Science 342
Michael R. Matthews

25 Teaching Elementary Arithmetic through Applications 354
Mark Steiner

26 Aesthetics and the Educative Powers of Art 365
Noel Carroll

27 Teaching Literature 384
Richard Smith

Part III The Politics and Ethics of Schooling 39S

28 The Authority and Responsibility to Educate 397
Amy Gutmann

29 Church, State, and Education 412
William Galston

30 Common Schooling and Educational Choice 430
Rob Reich

31 Children's Rights 443
James G. Dwyer

32 Education and Standards of Living 456
Christian Barry

33 Educational Equality and Justice 471
Harry Brighouse

34 Multicultural Education 487
Robert K. Fullinwider

35 Education and the Politics of Identity 501
Yael Tamir

36 The Ethics of Teaching 509
Kenneth A. Strike

37 Inclusion and Justice in Special Education 525
Robert F. Ladenson

38 Sex Education 540
David Archard

Part IV Higher Education 549

39 Ethics and the Aims of American Higher Education 551
Minda Rae Amiran

40 Universities in a Fluid Age 561
Ronald Barnett

41 Academic Freedom 569
Robert L. Simon

42 The Ethics of Research 583
Michael Davis

43 Affirmative Action in Higher Education 593
Bernard BoxUl

44 The Professor-Student Relationship and the Regulation of Student Life 605
Peter J. Markie

45 The Role of Ethics in Professional Education 617
Norman E. Bowie

Index 627



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