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Silver, Mike (Hrsg.)
Programming Cultures
Architecture, Art and Science in the Age of Software Development
Architectural Design
(Band 76)

1. Auflage August 2006
40,90 Euro
2006. 134 Seiten, Softcover
- Lehrbuch -
ISBN 978-0-470-02585-7 - John Wiley & Sons

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Programming Cultures explores the relationship between software engineering and the various disciplines that benefit from new codes and programming tools. The title focuses on a range of practices including: aviation design, urban infrastructure simulation, Hollywood special effects, nanotechnology, mathematics and architecture. In terms of building design, Programming Cultures will specifically examine the potential of new software designed to solve specific visualization and data processing problems from within the profession. The book allows architects to become more familiar with programming rather than basing their work on appropriated systems designed for non-architectural applications (Maya, 3D Studio MAX etc.) and will become a primer for an emerging culture of students; academics and young professionals that are starting to outgrow the predetermined structure of today's most popular modeling and animation packages

Aus dem Inhalt
Editorial (Helen Castle).

Introduction. Towards a Programming Culture in the Design Arts (Mike Silver).

20 Years of Scripted Space (Malcolm McCullough).

When Code Matters (Indeborg M Rocker).

Process/Drawing (CEB Reas).

How do Simple Programs Behave? (Stephen Wolfram).

Metaphysics of Genetic Architecture and Computation (Carl Chu).

Building Without Drawings: Automason Ver 1.0 (Mike Silver).

The Milgo Experiment: An Interview with Haresh Laivani (John Lobell).

Codes, Eros and Craft: An Interview with Evan Douglis (Mike Silver).

All-Over, Over-All: biothing and Emergent Composition (Pia Ednie-Brown).

Tectonics, Economics and the Reconfiguration of Practice: The Case of Process Change by Digital Means (Dennis R Shelden).

Calculus-Based Form: An Interview with Greg Lynn (Indeborg M Rocker).

Unified Design: Collaborative Working at Arup associates (Helen Castle).

Interior Eye. Colors Restaurant (Jayne Merkel).

Practice Profile. Jordan Mozer & Associates: New American Narratives (Howard Watson).

Building Profile. House in Keremma (Jeremy Melvin).

Home Run. Islington Square, Manchester (Bruce Stewart).

Mc Lean's Nuggets (Will McLean).

Site Lines. The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast (Jane Peyton).



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