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Wellman, K. / Spiller, Marcus
Urban Infrastructure
Finance and Management

1. Auflage September 2012
109,- Euro
2012. 328 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-470-67218-1 - John Wiley & Sons

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This book is posited on a strong belief that the physical structure of cities and the efficiency of infrastructure services delivered are driven by efficiencies within individual infrastructure sectors, lessons learned across these sectors and the ability to coordinate and integrate sectors to generate scope and scale. The editors have taken a deliberately pragmatic approach to the finance and management of urban infrastructure, presenting chapters in a cross-sectorial fashion, with discussion of both theory and practice. This book is for students and practitioners in policy, planning, urban management, infrastructure finance and management.

Aus dem Inhalt
About the Contributors viiPreface xiAcknowledgments xvAbbreviations xviiChapter 1 IntroductionKath Wellman and Marcus SpillerIntroduction 1Global Challenges of Urban Growth, Climate Change, and Finance 3Technological Change 6Microeconomic Reform and Productivity 6Australia as Case Study 9References 11Chapter 2 Urban Management Principles and InstrumentsLyndsay Robert NeilsonIntroduction 13Urban Policy 19Policy Implementation 27Conclusions 50References 51Chapter 3 Urban Infrastructure: Productivity, Project Evaluation, and FinanceKath Wellman and Frederik PretoriusIntroduction 53Which Investments Should Be Undertaken? 55Infrastructure: On Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity, Markets, and Further Economic Concerns 57Criteria for Choice in Action: Nation Building for the Future 61Assessing the Benefits and Costs: Project Evaluation 63Financial Evaluation 63Cost-Benefit Analysis 64Limitations of Cost-Benefit Analysis 65A Case in Point: Questions about Project Evaluation in Practice 70Further Methodological Challenges: Multicriteria Analysis 71How Should the Investment Be Financed? 73Forms of Financing 75Capital Markets and Infrastructure Financing in Australia since the 1990s 78Conclusions 80References 81Chapter 4 Private-Public Partnerships: Transaction Analysis and the Case of Urban MotorwaysFrederik Pretorius, Sophie Sturup, and Andrew McDougallIntroduction 83A Private-Public Sector Participation Continuum 85A General Framework for Analyzing Private-Public Partnerships in Infrastructure 86The Melbourne CityLink: A First-Generation Modern Era Build-Own-Operate-Transfer PPP 97Conclusions 118References 119Chapter 5 Land Management and Planning LegislationMarcus SpillerIntroduction 121The Land Development Process 122Planning Systems and Land Use Regulation 128Overview of Good Practice Principles 145References 148Chapter 6 Financing and Managing Urban WaterKath WellmanIntroduction 149The Urban Hydrological Cycle 151Climate Change and Its Impact on Urban Water Management 153Water Security: Balancing Demand and Supply 154The Urban Water Industry 163Financing Urban Water Utilities 170The Financial Structure of Water Utilities 172Conclusions 176References 177Chapter 7 Financing and Managing Urban Energy SystemsJohn DaleyIntroduction 181Outline of the Chapter 182Energy Systems, Energy Policy, and Governance 182Energy Markets, Resources, and Supply Systems 193Australia: Primary Energy Resources and Supply 196Australia: Secondary Energy Supply and Retailing 199Future Energy Systems 216Conclusions 220References 221Relevant Websites 223Chapter 8 Financing and Managing Urban TransportCameron GordonIntroduction 225Urban Transport in Theory 226Australian Transport Shed 228Australian Transport Infrastructure 229Australian Transport Modes 231Australian Transport Policy Structures and Mechanisms 235Australian Urban Transport in Detail 242Conclusions 255References 256Chapter 9 Principles and Systems for Coordination of Infrastructure Investment across PortfoliosMarcus Spiller, Praveen Thakur, and Kath WellmanIntroduction 259City Shaping and Follower Infrastructure 260"Predict and Provide" versus "Creating the Future" 261Identifying Infrastructure Projects with "City Shaping" Power 264Designing Coordination Systems 270Coordinating City Shaping Infrastructure 271Coordinating Follower Infrastructure 275Challenges 276Planning and Governance at a Metropolitan Scale 278Mission 279Urban Metropolitan Governance 280Role of the Australian Government 283Conclusions 285References 285Glossary 287Index 295



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