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Cochran, Nancy H. / Nordling, William J. / Cochran, Jeff L.
Child-Centered Play Therapy
A Practical Guide to Developing Therapeutic Relationships with Children

1. Auflage August 2010
63,90 Euro
2010. 464 Seiten, Hardcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-0-470-44223-4 - John Wiley & Sons

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"The authors . . . make child-centered play therapy readilyunderstandable to those who wish to take advantage of its longhistory of helping children overcome problems and grow emotionallyto a level of maturity difficult to achieve by any otherapproach."
--From the Foreword, by Louise F. Guerney, PhD, RPT-S

A comprehensive resource that thoroughly teaches the theory,methods, and practice of child-centered play therapy

Child-Centered Play Therapy: A Practical Guide to DevelopingTherapeutic Relationships with Children offers how-to directionand practical advice for conducting child-centered play therapy.Filled with case studies, learning activities, and classroomexercises, this book presents extensive coverage of play therapyapplications such as setting goals and treatment planning, as wellas recommendations for family and systemic services that can beprovided along with play therapy.

This rich resource provides:
* A thorough introduction to the theory and guiding principlesunderlying child-centered play therapy
* Skill guidance including structuring sessions, tracking,empathy, responding to children's questions, and role-play
* Effective ways of determining what limits to set in the playroomand how to set them in a therapeutically effective manner
* Clear methods for monitoring children's progress through stagesas well as external measures of progress
* Practical guidance in adjunct therapist tasks such as playroomset-up, documentation, ending therapy, and working with parents,teachers, and principals

Endorsed by Louise Guerney--a founding child-centered playtherapy figure who developed the skills-based methods covered inthis book--Child-Centered Play Therapy comprehensivelyand realistically introduces practitioners to the child-centeredapproach to play therapy and addresses how to incorporate theapproach into schools, agencies, or private practice.

Aus dem Inhalt
Foreword - Louise Guerney

Chapter 1 - Introduction: The Child-Centered Approach,Student and Practitioner Approaches to Learning, and Our Approachto Teaching

Chapter 2 - CCPT in Context: Key Concepts from ChildDevelopment and Principles of Human Change

Chapter 3 - The Ideal Therapist Qualities: Deep Empathy,Unconditional Positive Regard, and Genuineness

Chapter 4 - The Eight Principles in Child-Centered PlayTherapy

Chapter 5 - Preparing Your Setting for ProvidingChild-Centered Play Therapy

Chapter 6 - The Two Core Therapist Skills: Tracking and EmpathicResponding

Chapter 7 - Creating an Optimum Environment for Therapythrough Structuring and Limit Setting

Chapter 8 - Responding to Questions, Requests for Help,and Commands

Chapter 9 - Role-Play: The Therapeutic Value of TakingPart in Dramatic or Pretend Play during Child-Centered Play TherapySessions

Chapter 10 - Recognizing Stages: Understanding the TherapyProcess and Evaluating Children's Internal Progress

Chapter 11: Helping Parents, Teachers, and Principals Understandand Support the Child's Work in Play Therapy

Chapter 12 - Goals, Treatment Planning, Reporting and EvaluatingProgress

Chapter 13 - Filial Therapy: Involving Parents and Caregivers inChild-Centered Play Sessions with Their Children

Chapter 14 - Helping Children Capitalize on Gains Made inCCPT

Chapter 15 - Reaching Diverse Clients with theChild-Centered Approach

Chapter 16 - Legal and Ethical Issues from a Child-CenteredPerspective

Chapter 17 - Your Ongoing Development

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