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Shmulsky, Rubin / Jones, P. David
Forest Products and Wood Science
ISBN 978-0-8138-2074-3

Benko, Georges / Strohmayer, Ulf (eds.)
Space and Social Theory
Interpreting Modernity and Postmodernity
ISBN 978-0-631-19467-5

Prigogine, Ilya / Rice, Stuart A. (eds.)
Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 121
ISBN 978-0-471-20504-3

Clayburg, John F.
Four Steps to Trading Success
Using Everyday Indicators to Achieve Extraordinary Profits
ISBN 978-0-471-41482-7

Chaloner, Chris / Coffey, Michael (eds.)
Forensic Mental Health Nursing
Current Approaches
ISBN 978-0-632-05031-4

Nations, Scott
Options Math for Traders
How To Pick the Best Option Strategies for Your Market Outlook. + Website
ISBN 978-1-118-16437-2

Billington, David P.
The Innovators
The Engineering Pioneers who Transformed America, College
ISBN 978-0-471-14096-2

Menges, Robert J.
Faculty in New Jobs
A Guide to Settling In, Becoming Established, and Building Institutional Support
ISBN 978-0-7879-3878-9

Chaudhuri, Parimal Pal / Chowdhury, Dipanwita Roy / Nandi, Sukumar / Chattopadhyay, Santanu
Additive Cellular Automata
Theory and Applications, Volume 1
ISBN 978-0-8186-7717-5

Johnson, Sandra / Taylor, Kathleen (eds.)
The Neuroscience of Adult Learning
New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 110
ISBN 978-0-7879-8704-6

Wesselingh, Johannes A. / Kiil, Soren / Vigild, Martin E.
Design and Development of Biological, Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products
ISBN 978-0-470-06155-8

Bloom, Carole
Cookies For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-7645-5390-5

Winkler, Ira
Spies Among Us
How to Stop the Spies, Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals You Don't Even Know You Encounter Every Day
ISBN 978-0-7645-8468-8

Carson, Walter / Schnitzer, Stefan (eds.)
Tropical Forest Community Ecology
ISBN 978-1-4051-8952-1

Wang, Hong / Patterson, Cam (eds.)
Risks, Mechanisms, and Therapies
ISBN 978-1-118-28591-6

Vespremi, David
Car Hacks and Mods For Dummies
ISBN 978-0-7645-7142-8

Islam, M. Rafiq / Zatzman, Gary M. / Islam, Jaan S.
Reconstituting the Curriculum
ISBN 978-1-118-47289-7

Connolly, Kevin J. / Martlew, Margaret
Psychologically Speaking
A Book of Quotations
ISBN 978-1-85433-302-5

George, Mark O.
The Lean Six Sigma Guide to Doing More With Less
Cut Costs, Reduce Waste, and Lower Your Overhead
ISBN 978-0-470-53957-6

Roloff, Michael E. / Wilson, Steve R. / Dillard, James Price / Caughlin, John / Solomon, Denise
The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication
ISBN 978-1-118-30605-5

Hone, Jim
Applied Population and Community Ecology
The Case of Feral Pigs in Australia
ISBN 978-0-470-65864-2

Brann, Les / Owens, Jacky / Williamson, Ann (eds.)
The Handbook of Contemporary Clinical Hypnosis
Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-1-119-05727-7

Burke, Peter
The European Renaissance
Centers and Peripheries
ISBN 978-0-631-19845-1

Umstatter, Jack
Ready-to-Use Prewriting and Organization Activities
Unit 4, Includes 90 Sequential Activities for Building Prewriting and Organizing Skills in Grades 6 through 12
ISBN 978-0-87628-485-8

Ware, Jim / Dethmer, Jim / Ziegler, Jamie / Skinner, Fran
High Performing Investment Teams
How to Achieve Best Practices of Top Firms
ISBN 978-1-119-08700-7




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