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Bücher | März 2010 | Successfully Choosing Your EMR


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Gasch, Arthur / Gasch, Betty
Successfully Choosing Your EMR
15 Crucial Decisions

1. Auflage März 2010
65,90 Euro
2010. 480 Seiten, Softcover
- Wiley & Sons Ltd -
ISBN 978-1-4443-3214-8 - John Wiley & Sons

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The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - is the essential underpinning of any significant healthcare reform and is the more comprehensive record than the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This book clarifies the Crucial Decisions that result in successful EMR adoption and avoidance of expensive EMR mistakes. It provides timely insight in leveraging ARRA/HiTech, Meaningful Use, Stark Safe Harbor, CPOE and PQRI incentives and understanding current HITSP, HL7, ASTM, ELINCS and other interoperability standards.

This book provides practical guidance on:
* Evaluating EMR ease-of-use
* Determining In-office vs. Web-based vs. Blended EMR deployment
* Deciding which user-interface approach to adopt
* Understanding structured vs. unstructured charting approaches
* Assessing EMR developer stability
* Obtaining legal advice about RFIs, RFPs and contract negotiations

"The federal government has set aside significant incentives for physicians to adopt and implement electronic medical record systems. As providers across the country seek out various health IT tools and capabilities, this book serves as a remarkably useful, step-by-step guide for successfully deploying an EMR system. This kind of information will be imperative as we bring our health system into the 21st century."
--Newt Gingrich, Founder of The Center for Health Transformation, Former Speaker of the House, USA

Also endorsed by: Rep. Rush Holt (D NJ), Richard Dick, Ph.D. & Radu Kramer, M.D.

Aus dem Inhalt
1. Why Adopt Electronic Medical Records Now?

2. How EMR Will Enhance Your Practice.

3. How EMR Will Impact Your CPM System.

4. Structured Data and Report Generation.

5. Interacting With Your EMR.

6. Where to Deploy Your EMR.

7. Vocabularies, Standards & Interoperability.

8. Interoperability Beyond EMRs.

9. Workflow Enhancement/EMR Customization.

10. Documenting Your Office Workflow.

11. Essential Medical Record Content.

12. Evaluating Vendor Stability.

13. Lawyer Proofing Your EMR.

14. Configuration & Deployment.

15. Crisis Planning and Mitigation.

16. Protecting Your Patient Data.

17. What You Can Expect to Spend.

18. Negotiating the Agreement.

Appendix I. EMR Developers & Their Products.

Appendix II. List of Conferences to View EMRs/EHRs.

Appendix II. How the MSP EHR Selector(TM) Empowers Your EMR Search.



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