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Smithers, Geoffrey W. / Augustin, Mary Ann (eds.)
Advances in Dairy Ingredients
Institute of Food Technologists Series

1. 2013
192.- Euro
2013. 352,
ISBN 978-0-8138-2395-9 - John Wiley & Sons

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Functional foods are emerging as key drivers of the global food economy and dairy ingredients and technology are at the forefront in these developments. Advances in Dairy Ingredients provides an international perspective on recent developments in the area of dairy ingredients and dairy technology. This book brings together food scientists, industry specialists, and marketers from around the world to provide unique insight into the scientific basis for the success of dairy ingredients in modern food products, and a glimpse into the future of new dairy ingredients and foods on the horizon.

Preface (Geoffrey W. Smithers, Mary Ann Augustin)

* Dairy Protein Powders (P. Schuck)
* Lactose - Chemistry, Processing and Utilisation (J. A. Hourigan, E.V. Lifran, L.T.T. Vu, and Y. Listiohadi
* Dairy Ingredients Containing Milk Fat Globule Membrane - Description, Composition, and Industrial Potential (X. Elías-Argote, A. Laubscher, R. Jiménez-Flores)
* Biofunctional Dairy Protein Fractions (H. Roginski, L.Bennett, H. Korhonen, S.F. Gauthier, Y.Pouliot, B. W. Woonton)
* Modern Chromatographic Separation Technologies for Isolation of Dairy Ingredients (B. W. Woonton, U. Kulozik, K. De Silva, G. W. Smithers)
* Non-Thermal Technologies in Dairy Processing (H. C. Deeth, N. Datta, C. Versteeg)
* Spray-dried Dairy-based Emulsions for the Delivery of Bioactives (M. A. Augustin, L. Sanguansri)
* Utilizing Dairy Protein Functionality in Food Microstructure Design (M. Golding)
* Probiotics and Prebiotics (D. Ying, C. Gantenbein-Demarchi)
* Dairy Ingredient Safety - The No Compromise Area (D. Eddy, A. Astin)
* Market acceptance of dairy ingredients - What consumers are thinking and demanding (B. Davis and B. Katz)
* The Future of Dairy Ingredients - Critical Considerations that will Underpin Future Success (P.S. Tong)




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