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Server Component Patterns

Component Infrastructures Illustrated with EJB

Völter, Markus / Schmid, Alexander / Wolff, Eberhard

Wiley Series in Software Design Patterns


1. Auflage September 2002
XXVI, 462 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-470-84319-2
John Wiley & Sons


Components are software constructs that have a larger granularity than "objects" or "classes." This book explains the basic patterns underlying today's component infrastructures, enabling readers to build better applications based on these infrastructures. It will also provide the knowledge needed to select the appropriate technology for specific domains and requirements.

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A detailed exploration of the basic patterns underlying today's component infrastructures.

The latest addition to this best-selling series opens by providing an "Alexandrian-style" pattern language covering the patterns underlying EJB, COM+ and CCM. It addresses not only the underlying building blocks, but also how they interact and why they are used. The second part of the book provides more detail about how these building blocks are employed in EJB. In the final section the authors fully explore the benefits of building a system based on components.
* Examples demonstrate how the 3 main component infrastructures EJB, CCM and COM+ compare
* Provides a mix of principles and concrete examples with detailed UML diagrams and extensive source code
* Forewords supplied by industry leaders: Clemens Syzperski and Frank Buschmann


Foreword by Frank Buschmann.

Foreword by Clemens Szyperski.


Part I: A Server Component Patterns Language.

Core Infrastructure Elements.

Component Implementation Building Blocks.

Container Implementation Basics.

A Component and its Environment.

Identifying and Managing Instances.

Remote Access to Components.

More Container Implementation.

Component Deployment.

Part II: The Patterns Illustrated with EJB.

EJB Core Infrastructure Elements.

EJB Component Implementation Building Blocks.

EJB Container Implementation Basics.

A Bean and its Environment.

Identifying and Managing Bean Instances.

Remote Access to Beans.

More EJB Container Implementation.

Bean Deployment.

Part III: A Story.

Literature and Online Resources.


Markus Völter, Alexander Schmid and Eberhard Wolff work as IT consultants, trainers and office managers for MATHEMA AG in Germany. They share a professional interest in new software development technologies, distributed systems and have experience of component-based development and enterprise architecture obtained during many development projects of all kinds and size. The three of them are regular speakers at conferences. Markus Völter is an active member of the international pattern community.

M. Völter, Mathema AG, Germany; A. Schmid, Mathema AG, Germany; E. Wolff, Mathema AG, Germany