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Computer Security

Gollmann, Dieter


3. Auflage Dezember 2010
456 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-470-74115-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A completely up-to-date resource on computer security

Assuming no previous experience in the field of computer security, this must-have book walks you through the many essential aspects of this vast topic, from the newest advances in software and technology to the most recent information on Web applications security. This new edition includes sections on Windows NT, CORBA, and Java and discusses cross-site scripting and JavaScript hacking as well as SQL injection. Serving as a helpful introduction, this self-study guide is a wonderful starting point for examining the variety of competing security systems and what makes them different from one another.
* Unravels the complex topic of computer security and breaks it down in such a way as to serve as an ideal introduction for beginners in the field of computer security
* Examines the foundations of computer security and its basic principles
* Addresses username and password, password protection, single sign-on, and more
* Discusses operating system integrity, hardware security features, and memory
* Covers Unix security, Windows security, database security, network security, web security, and software security

Packed with in-depth coverage, this resource spares no details when it comes to the critical topic of computer security.

1 History of Computer Security

2 Managing Security

3 Foundations of Computer Security

4 Identification & Authentication

5 Access Control

6 Reference Monitors

7 Unix Security 97

8 Windows Security

9 Database Security

10 Software Security

11 Bell-LaPadula Model

12 Security Models

13 Security Evaluation

14 Cryptography

15 Key Establishment

16 Communications Security

17 Network Security

18 Web Security

19 Mobility

20 New Access Control Paradigms