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A Sure-Fire Guide to Realizing Your Potential, Pushing Through Limitations, and Achieving Things You Didn't Know Were Possible

Nurse, David


1. Auflage Mai 2022
208 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-85393-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Deliver innovative results like clockwork with this repeatable formula for creativity-on-demand

Have you ever sat down at your desk with an impossible deadline or an insurmountable obstacle staring you directly in the face and an expectation that you'll come up with a groundbreaking idea and solution? In Breakthrough, you'll find a powerful framework for bringing innovation and creativity to the surface not just once, but on a regular, daily basis.

In Breakthrough, bestselling author, acclaimed speaker, and life optimization coach David Nurse provides an actionable and clearly organized structure for maximizing your breakthrough ideas. Breakthrough outlines easy-to-follow steps for outperforming your potential:
* An accessible blueprint--backed by scientific data and years of case studies with the top athletes, entrepreneurial minds, and leaders throughout the world--to unlocking your creative potential
* Conclusive proof that busts the myths of the lone genius, unpredictable 'a-ha' lightbulb moments, and little happy accidents
* Ways to promote an environment and mindset in which groundbreaking new ideas can flow and occur naturally and seamlessly based on a repeatable formula

A must-read for any athlete, manager, executive, or parent tasked with delivering dynamic results in a flash, Breakthrough also belongs on the bookshelves of product design professionals, marketers, and other creative types who seek to consistently exceed expectations. Breakthrough is not about going from good to great; it's about going from great to outstanding!

Foreword: Jon Gordon ix

Foreword: Taylor Kalupa xiii

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 Warm Up: The Breakthrough Formula 1

Stop Solving Problems 4

Eliminate Goals 4

Navigate the How 5

Seize the Formula 6

Embrace the Clock 7

Warm-Up Tool: SNAP 9

Chapter 2 Q1: Hearing Who: Breakthrough Confidence 11

Who Are You Hiding? 13

Who Are You Fooling? 21

Who Can Eat You Alive? 27

Whose Opportunity Is This? 37

Breakthrough Confidence Keys 44

Breakthrough Confidence Tool:

Hear It from the Source 44

Chapter 3 Q2: Smelling What: Breakthrough Cooperation 47

What Are Your Heroes Doing? 52

What Do You Value Most in Your Team? 60

What Are You Hating On? 71

What Did You Forget? 79

Breakthrough Cooperation Keys 86

Breakthrough Cooperation Tool: Cultural Compass 86

Chapter 4 Halftime! 91

Halftime Tool: Choose Your Second 92

Chapter 5 Q3: Seeing Where: Breakthrough Service 95

Where Is the Challenge? 97

Where Does Asking Get Anyone? 103

Where Should You Show Up? 115

Where's the Connection? 120

Breakthrough Service Keys 129

Breakthrough Service Tool:

Connection Calculator 130

Chapter 6 Q4: Tasting Why: Breakthrough Purpose 133

Why Drive? 134

Why Process? 139

Why Commit? 145

Why Love? 152

Breakthrough Purpose Keys 157

Breakthrough Purpose Tool:

The First Bite 157

Chapter 7 Conclusion: Full-Court Press 161

Acknowledgments 167

Index 169
DAVID NURSE is an NBA life and optimization coach, bestselling author, speaker, and internationally recognized leader. David has developed more than 150 NBA players both on court and off, coached with the Brooklyn Nets, hosts a top podcast, delivers keynotes all over the world, and has personally helped some of the top NBA players/coaches, Hollywood actors, powerful CEOs, and entrepreneurs live in the Breakthrough mode.

David also leads a personal coaching group of leaders from all over the world--both established and hungry-to-learn--at David resides in Marina del Rey, CA with his stunning wife, actress Taylor Kalupa.