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The Courage Playbook

Five Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Become Your Best Self

Lee, Gus


1. Auflage Juli 2022
288 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-84890-5
John Wiley & Sons

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A practical pathway to a meaningful life and courageous leadership

In The Courage Playbook: Five Steps to Overcome Your Fears and Become Your Best Self, Gus Lee, bestselling author and leadership expert, delivers an astonishing reveal that with moral courage, we can overcome our fears. This is a practical guide to gaining your courage to live rightly, treat others without bias and lead inspirationally. Readers will acquire Five Steps to Courage, 3 NO's, 3 GO's and Courageous Communication Plays. These lend deeper meaning to life, strengthen our character, improve relationships and allow us to help others for the common good. They lead to contentment, love and even happiness.

The Playbook is a practical, behavior-based "Other-Help" guide that equips us more effectively than the worried "self-help" approach. The Courage Playbook includes:
* Skills and strategies for healthfully and authentically deploying courage in your life
* Ways to actually solve tough moral problems and conflicts at their root cause, genuinely help others, model strength and close the "Courage Gap"
* Methods for courageous and inspirational communication and leadership for all manner of situations - professionally, personally, relationally and organizationally

Designed for people in all circumstances, to include young professionals, executives and leaders, The Courage Playbook belongs on the desks and libraries of business organizations, government agencies, healthcare, education, non-profits, military units, public safety organizations and on the bedside table of all people who want a seriously effective pathway to deeply improve themselves.




Part I The Courageous Self

Chapter 1 Step One: Where am I? I Assess Myself.

Chapter 2 Step Two: Who am I, really? I Admit and Quit the 3 NO's.

Chapter 3 Step Three: Who can I be? The Three GO's.

Part II Courage with Others

Chapter 4 Step Four: Playsets for Basic CourCom

Chapter 5 Step Five: Playsets for CourCom Conflicts

Part III You Decide: Choosing Your Core

Chapter 6 Your Identity: Naming, Claiming, Aiming

Chapter 7 The ICAP: From Novice to Expert

Chapter 8 Crossing the River


Appendix A Cut-Out Memory Cards

About the Author

GUS LEE, bestselling author of Courage: The Backbone of Leadership and China Boy, is a nationally recognized leadership and character advancement expert who has worked in or consulted to 50 professions and industries. A former corporate chief operating officer, chief learning officer, government senior executive, West Point's first Chair of Character Development, U.S. Senate ethics investigator, acting deputy attorney general, supervising deputy district attorney, university assistant dean, U.S. Army officer and paratrooper, he trains and coaches through his company, Leaders of Character, LLC, and writes at