John Wiley & Sons Series 7 Exam 2022-2023 For Dummies with Online Practice Tests Cover The study tool you need for the Series 7 Exam Your gateway to the world of finance is the Series 7 .. Product #: 978-1-119-79683-1 Regular price: $25.14 $25.14 Auf Lager

Series 7 Exam 2022-2023 For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

Rice, Steven M.


5. Auflage Juli 2021
480 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-79683-1
John Wiley & Sons

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The study tool you need for the Series 7 Exam

Your gateway to the world of finance is the Series 7 Exam: pass it and you're in for a rewarding career as a stockbroker. You don't have to study for this important exam alone--Series 7 Exam For Dummies gives you all the tips, tricks, and practice you need to obtain your required certification.

This book smartly balances three areas of study in one convenient package: the topics on the exam, how to prepare for test day and to take the exam, and practice tests. Find in this book:
* How to sign up for the test, and tips to get through test day
* Different study strategies
* The basics of security investments, such as equity securities and municipal bonds
* More advanced security topics, such as margin accounts and packaged securities
* How to conduct market research, such as portfolio and securities analysis
* Legal concerns: IRS, rules, and regulations
* Chapter exams and online practice quizzes

With Series 7 Exam For Dummies as your study guide, you'll be ready to tackle the 125 exam questions. Whether it's a question about the underwriting process, investment companies, or income-tax implications, you'll find all the information to prepare in this resourceful book.

Your stockbroker career is just one certification away--get your copy of Series 7 Exam For Dummies (with included online practice tests) to get started on your career you've worked hard for.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Gearing Up for the Series 7 Exam 5

Chapter 1: Introducing the Series 7 Exam 7

Chapter 2: Preparing for the Series 7 Exam 19

Chapter 3: Examining and Mastering Question Types 31

Chapter 4: Surviving Test Day 43

Part 2: Mastering Basic Security Investments 47

Chapter 5: Underwriting Securities 49

Chapter 6: Corporate Ownership: Equity Securities 67

Chapter 7: Debt Securities: Corporate and U.S. Government Loans 83

Chapter 8: Municipal Bonds: Local Government Securities 109

Part 3: Delving Deeper into Security Investments 141

Chapter 9: Borrowing Money and Securities: The Long and Short of Margin Accounts 143

Chapter 10: Delivering Diversification with Packaged Securities 167

Chapter 11: Working with Direct Participation Programs 193

Chapter 12: Options: The Right to Buy or Sell at a Fixed Price 205

Part 4: Taking Care of Your Customers and Playing by the Rules 253

Chapter 13: Portfolio and Securities Analysis 255

Chapter 14: Going to Market: Orders and Trades 277

Chapter 15: Making Sure the IRS Gets Its Share 297

Chapter 16: No Fooling Around: Rules and Regulations 319

Part 5: A Couple Practice Exams 355

Chapter 17: Practice Exam 1 357

Chapter 18: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam 1 377

Chapter 19: Practice Exam 2 397

Chapter 20: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam 2 417

Part 6: The Part of Tens 435

Chapter 21: Ten Series 7 Exam Traps to Avoid .437

Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Start Your Career Off Right 441

Appendix: Important Figures and Formulas 445

Index 447
Steven M. Rice is a partner and instructor at Empire Stockbroker Training Institute, one of the country's leading schools for securities industry training. Rice is the author of Securities Industry Essentials Exam For Dummies.

S. M. Rice, Empire Stockbroker Training Institute