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The Official ACT Mathematics Guide



2. Auflage August 2021
432 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-78733-4
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The ACT official subject guides are a step by step guide for outlining the preparation for the ACT section tests. These prep guides provide students a concept-based outline for the subjects they plan to focus on. Each one of the official guides, is an efficient prep tool comprised of the most current and relevant test information packed into one guide. In addition to the book, the entire pool of questions are available online for a customizable learning experience. The ACT official subject guides are the best resource to get detailed input and practice to help you in preparation for the ACT. By using this guide, students can feel comfortable and confident that they are preparing to do their best!

Features of the ACT® Official Math Guide Includes: Review of the entire mathematics test so you'll know what to expect; Familiarize yourself with the types of math questions for on the ACT; Understand the math topics within the problems you'll solve while taking the mathematics test; detailed explanations for every official ACT Math question in the book The only books with real ACT Math questions organized by question type; includes detailed explanations for each questions; understand math problems within the problems you'll solve while taking the mathematics test.

Introduction vii

Chapter 1: The ACT Math Test 1

Reporting Categories: Score Reporting 2

Reporting Categories: Topic Overview 2

Chapter 2: Number and Quantity 5

Real and Complex Number Systems 5

Number Line and Absolute Value 6

Exponents 17

Imaginary and Complex Numbers 21

Vectors 25

Matrices 28

Chapter 2: Quiz Answers 33

Chapter 3: Algebra 37

Scientific Notation 37

Equations 39

Linear Equations 45

System of Equations 48

Roots 61

Logarithmic Equations 65

Chapter 3: Quiz Answers 66

Chapter 4: Functions 73

Series, Sequences, and Consecutive Numbers 73

Slope-Intercept Form of a Linear Equation 76

Chapter 4: Quiz Answers 84

Chapter 5: Geometry 87

Coordinate Geometry 87

Lines and Angles 88

Two-Dimensional Shapes 91

Three-Dimensional Shapes 116

Trigonometry 121

Chapter 5: Quiz Answers 131

Chapter 6: Statistics and Probability 139

Probability 139

Sets of Numbers 141

Charts 144

Chapter 6: Quiz Answers 146

Chapter 7: Practice Questions 149

Chapter 8: Answers and Explanations 259

Answer Key 260

Explanatory Answers 262
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