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Shapes of Tourism Employment

HRM in the Worlds of Hotels and Air Transport

Grefe, Gwenaelle / Peyrat-Guillard, Dominique (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juli 2020
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ISBN: 978-1-78630-354-7
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The ambition of this book is to propose a grid of reading able to illuminate the current HR transformations experienced by the big historical international companies of the sector of the tourism, carried away by what is known as the "3rd tourist revolution ". The latter is characterized by the combination of three main phenomena: internationalization, digitalization and hyper-personalization that refound the employment relationship between employers, unions and employees. Internationalization requires a renewal of business models heckled by the low-cost strategies of new operators provoking social reactions to the extent of perceived psychological disruptions, to question the validity of these same strategies. Digitization has opened the way to the disintermediation at the origin of the evolution of the trades front and back office. Finally, hyper-personalization and adaptation to new client behaviors justify the hegemony of soft skills for a redefined hospitality. In the end, the employee must constantly deal with often paradoxical injunctions (example: standardization of service protocols versus empowerment). A focus will be made on two specific branches: hotels and air transport which will each be part of a part. The topic will be illustrated by case studies and testimonials.The two coordinators of the book will draw on the contributions of researchers who collaborate with them in the framework of an international research program they pilot.

IntroductionFrom a historic employment relationship to a necessary overhaul of HR strategiesPart I: The hotel industry in search of talent- Disruption and strategy of the hotel groups (Regis and Aurore)- The front office at the time of soft skills (Aurore / Benoit and Christian)- The rise in expertise of the back office (Gwenaelle and Dominique)- Engagement as an indicator (Brigitte)- Worlds in a world?o Operations / Headquarters, Franchises / Subsidiaries (Gwenaelle and Dominique)o Cultural peculiarities: Eastern Europe (Aldona and colleagues), China (Hong Zhu)Part II: The Air Force in a hurry to choose its key skills (Gwenaelle and Dominique)- From a value chain refounded to an outburst of values- NTPs reconsidered- Two-speed cabin crew- Unspoken contracts as revealers- A breakup of the profession?o The pilot contract: a single contract?o Ruffles: which business identity?Conclusion:
GREFE Gwenaelle, Associate Professor, UFR ESTHUA Tourism and Culture